Courtney Stodden's Bikini Fun in Malibu (PHOTOS)

Another day, another impromptu photo shoot for Courtney Stodden, and as usual there was no shortage of skin.

The teen bride was snapped in Malibu in a teeny hot pink bikini, and she put on quite a show for the photographers.

While lounging on the beach, Courtney flipped through a book (a vegan diet book) and happily sprayed on sun tan lotion before husband Doug joined her for a PDA-filled afternoon.

After splashing in the water, Stodden and Doug enjoyed a romantic stroll on the beach.



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  • scummybear

    She and her hubby deserve each other, he deserved what he got in the "green mile" movie and now he's cursed by this creature from the sea.

  • عزوز


  • Nur Qalisha
    Nur Qalisha

    oh wait! First I thought she brought toilet paper rolls to the beach so she could ... There. Hahaha

  • Annie

    I'm pretty sure she did that on purpose too

  • Annie

    This is proof that her boobs are stuffed as hell.

  • Annie

    The guy that married her is a pervert and pedophile. She's not any better. Oh, perfect couple!

  • Annie

    Oh yeah, cause everyone looks like that when they put on sunscreen or whatever. She's begging for attention and always looks ready for pictures.

  • uraloser

    Just what in the world does this girl put in her tops?

  • uraloser

    ewwwwww, thats the first thing that popped in my mind when this picture came up and the next thing was "what in the hell"!

  • Jasmine

    I know you're not gonna read this, but someone who knows you should tell you that: ur not fooling anyone with the bra pads, ur spray tan is cheap and uneven, ur body looks wrinkled, ur caked on makeup at the least doesnt even match your tanned skin, ur eyebrows are disgusting, no celebrity knows who u are, and um how old are you again? 12? 40?

  • beatles64

    Well she can't take it off because there is a green stain permanently sunk into her skin from wearing it so much!

  • ReilDiel

    At least the book she is pretending to read isn't upside down....

  • Morgan Pastella
    Morgan Pastella

    What's this?? She can read?

  • appalled by grammar
    appalled by grammar

    wants = once?

  • KS

    he should enjoy it while it last cause wants she gets where she wants to be "GOOD BYE"

  • common sense
    common sense

    This is what you get when democrats have kids. attention wH9res who do anything for money & fame with as little work as possible no matter the cost of pride & dynity because to them money & fame is more important then morals values reputation & respect.

  • Sheri He
    Sheri He

    wwwrichmeeting?com great single club welcome

  • Bill Bo
    Bill Bo

    High heels to the beach? She's posing

  • Chrissy

    What a disgusting freakin joke! She needs some serious mental help!!!

  • Spiniton85

    I didn't realize they made bikini tops with so much padding in them. She must be doing these nip slips on purpose.

  • diego

    Shauna Sand looks like her nasty, leathery, VD-riddled self

  • diego

    I"m pretty sure there's areola peeking out of both sides... might not wanna keep this pic up

  • Selma

    Stripperheels to the beach, really?!

  • Selma

    trying tooo hard..

  • Shelby Silverspar
    Shelby Silverspar

    that poor kid looks forty already, how can you sag that badly at 17?

  • Jane

    *your arm, not bracelet

  • Jane

    Who goes to the beach wearing stripper shoes!?!? seriously courtney, take off that thing you have on your bracelet. You've been wearing it for years

  • Jennifer

    either she had another breast enhancement or she is using those silicone cutlets in her swimsuit

  • miss.rouso

    your boob inserts are falling.

  • miss.rouso

    what ass??

  • Ezra

    I delight in the details on your web site. Thanks a bunch.

  • Reddgrant

    She's a piece of american trash and I will be happy to throw this trash away.

  • Reddgrant

    Pleaase stop taking pics of here we dont care.

  • Talis

    What are you smoking dude? I suppose your name is "constitution"?

  • Noah

    She is an American icon and should be protected by the Constitution.

  • Jihan Yerik Novikov
    Jihan Yerik Novikov

    is that nip slip? seriously get a life!!!

  • oberhausen

    I was going to write something but this is tragic. I used to be obsessed with boys and pretended they were looking at me and i was sexy but I was 14 and 15. This girl will be sorry later on in life. She already looks like she was"rode hard and put up wet!" She want;s to be famou but it appears that "that dog don't hunt that fish won't fry"

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    yeah, stick out your bony ass for the camera... Like mommy told you!

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    That fucking armband again. It already looks rusty, because she never takes it off.