Hot Mama! Hilary Duff Shows Off Fab Post-Baby Body While Out in LA

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Can you believe Hilary Duff gave birth just nine days ago?!

The 24-year-old new mom, who welcomed son Luca Cruz with hubby Mike Comrie on March 20th, stepped out for the first time since giving birth to get her hair done on Thursday. Looking cute and casual, Hil was in a gorgeous blue blouse and some white pants.

Motherhood certainly agrees with her!

It looks like she's already getting the hang of it! The new mom tweeted:

We are so happy for her!

What do you think of Hilary post-baby? Sound off in the comments!


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  • Rajan

    She appears in seoasn 3. I loved her character, i think she's a fabulous actress and i actually LIKED the person she was playing i wish i were friends with her! no matter what rumors hve been going on about hilary duff in the past, her character made me believe that she's a genuinely nice person in real life:) xoxo

  • watyu

    well like i said at 1st, she can't get her hair done with a baby on her lap..

  • Court Ney
    Court Ney

    Wow, she sure does look great, but what a brave soul to wear white pants just nine days after giving birth!

  • Liv

    I meant in general why is she leaving the baby. I am not as naive or stupid as to think she or let alone anyone would leave a child alone.

  • watyu

    are you normal? clearly she cant take her baby to a hair salon, she can't hold her bub while she gets her hair done. seeing as she went alone, she would've left him either with Mike or one of their parents. lol at how you think she'd leave her kid on their own lololol.

  • Liv

    She does look great, but why is she leaving her 9 day old son??? And for a hair appointment???

  • tamika


  • tamika

    she look very cute <3 cant wait to see bab Luca in picture whennnnnnnnn i will see it ......<3 u


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