Kylie Jenner Shares Personal Pics on Instagram (PHOTOS)

Kylie at Fashion Week!
Kylie Jenner works her first runway!
Kendall and Kylie Jenner love to share their personal pics with fans. Well, today, Kylie uploaded a ton of her favorite photos — including some bikini shots — on her Instagram account, and we are loving them! Along with the pics, Kylie wrote on her personal blog:

“I saw Kendall posted a bunch of her Instagram photos for those of you who don’t have Instagram… so I wanted to do the same. I Instagram probably every day… I think we are both a little bit addicted, but in a good way. It’s fun to take pics and share them with everyone, and like Kendall said, it’s like making memories and cute snapshots of life. I seriously have soooo many photos so I’m going to post a selection from the last month or so! More to come!”

Click through the gallery above to check out all of Kendall and Kylie’s Instagram pics.