Lindsay Lohan's Statement: 'Ending One Chapter, Starting The Next' (EXCLUSIVE)

 A silent Lindsay Lohan walked briskly past reporters after Judge Stephanie Sautner declared “she did it” -- successfully completing her probation requirements relating to a 2007 DUI case.

Despite the judge’s endorsement, the 25-year-old Mean Girls starlet isn’t celebrating, according to her spokesman Steve Honig, who told Celebuzz in a statement: 

“Lindsay is already talking about her next few projects and is eager to get back to work and do what she does best. Lindsay is not as much celebrating as she is ending one chapter and starting the next. She is very eager to get back on set and dive into her next few projects.”

Judge Sautner did warn Lohan, however, to "stop nightclubbing and focus on your work."

According to recent reports, LiLo is already gearing for her career comeback and set to appear in an upcoming episode of Glee.



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  • Jackie

    peopl u need to stop talking bad about miley cyrus,lindsay lohan,and others. Sure people might read it but it doesn't make u any more popular wen u r ruining some of these people's careers. How would u feel if u were being watched and videotaped and recorded and critisized every second of every day. These people did one thing wrong and now u r making them pay for it. In my opinion that is so unfair,not right, and unjust.