EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Debut Single 'SUPERLUV' by YouTube Sensation Shane Dawson! (AUDIO)

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You may have seen his many characters on YouTube, but you've never heard Shane Dawson like this! Only Celebuzz has the exclusive premiere of "SUPERLUV," his debut single! 

"I'm really excited to make an original song," Shane tells Celebuzz.  "But I'm even more excited about the message: When the odds are against you, believe in yourself and you will find your inner super hero."

To say Shane has a big following on his YT channel would be an understatement. He's one of the video sharing site's biggest stars with millions of followers! Now he's busting out on the music scene with his first album. He's also staying on the self-publishing route, instead of a traditional studio deal. Call him Mr. Independent! 

Once you listen to the song, be sure to catch the video premiere tomorrow on his YouTube channel, ShaneDawsonTV

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  • christinebrillon

    During school I listen to this everyday! He is amazing and I love it! This is what encouraged me to start making my own Youtube videos! He's the reason why I make parodies now! Like this one! [video-embed url="http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DLzsM0mNNRAQ%26feature%3Dyoutube_gdata_player"]

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  • Lizz:D

    Shane, i love it <333 it's the only song i ever play now <3

  • Kennedy

    BEST SONG EVER! :'D Shane I love you <3 I have watched your videos for years and this song is so amazing! <3

  • Jazzilyn SassyBigmouth Burkhalter
    Jazzilyn SassyBigmouth Burkhalter

    hi shane i love you video it was awsome

  • Jazzilyn SassyBigmouth Burkhalter
    Jazzilyn SassyBigmouth Burkhalter

    hi shane i love your video just love it

  • @DreaminOfDawson

    This guy is my inspiration to staying alive, I love you Shane, and the song is amazing:3 As well as the music video! You've come so far and i'm so proud, love you so much <3

  • Mollie Higgins
  • Mollie Higgins
    Mollie Higgins

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KateMeowFrr

    I can't believe Shane has come so far. I'm just.speechless. now finally having the time to listen to the song properly, MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT. so so SO proud!!!! proud to be called a "fan" or a "supporter" of the most AMAZING guy in the whole damn world. im crying of love. <3 we'll be here for you Shane, when you'll win an emmy and when you'll win an oscar. when you'll marry the love of your life and when you'll finally have a kid. this? is just the beginning of your journey, a journey you will ALWAYS have us standing behind you, supporting you! I love you so much. you have no idea how much you influenced my life without even knowing me. words are just a pathetic attempt to explain how incredible you are. THANK YOU. <3

  • templemahn

    I think i just died and gone to superluv heaven. Good job shane! can't wait for the music video, you're like a household name in my house :D

  • Hassan Bhatti
    Hassan Bhatti


  • Somebody who doesn't have an account
    Somebody who doesn't have an account

    It's good, it's definitely good....but not as good as some people are describing it....I'm a fan of Shane. I've been a fan for a long time and he definitely had an impact on my life but it's just....I like this song, but I don't think it's like.....something, you see, genius.Perhaps it's just because my taste in music is different....and I don't usually listen to this kind of music.Regardless, great job Shane!

  • GeorgiaHeartSD

    Shane, before this came out, i felt so shit, i felt really ill, when i listened to it, it made me feel better! Thank you so much Shane <3 its amazing!

  • foodisyum

    "If i had superhero powers, i'd save the world and you'd be mine". I cannot explain how amazing those lyrics truly are. If a guy said that to me, i would absolutely die, such beautiful lyrics :$

  • mileyismylife

    It's mindblowing how amazing he is. He is so talented, the love i have for him is infinte.

  • john

    This song is horrible. Listen to "Superlove" by Lenny Kravitz for some really funky, good feeling music.



  • Eva

    wow shane! this is so good!! im in love! i have replied this so many times! im blasting it full volume! you are brilliantly talented! i really enjoy watching you and your daily vlogs/videos. you are such a strong & inspirational person. you can always get me out of a bad mood or a tough day. please keep doing what you do. youre such an amazing person

  • FutureMrsDawson


  • Sheri He
    Sheri He

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  • Felix Desrochers
    Felix Desrochers

    I'm such in a good mood after listening to this, Shane your awesome and may you never stop being who you are. Can't wait for vid.

  • Shayne

    I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! Its amazing. I LOVE YOU SHANE!!! We share the name man. Mad love between us!

  • Justanotherfan

    I felt like crying many times listening to this.I feel like this most of the time (LOL) since I am a hopeless romantic and all.But,still no doubt Shane you don't realize how much you mean to your fans.This song rocks. Your MY super luv. (I wish). ^u^

  • Comegetahug

    Speechless.Shane I look up to you. :p

  • Christian Taylor Wolfe Still
    Christian Taylor Wolfe Still

    Lets see Justin Beiber top that LOL WOOT GO SHANE!!!

  • Christian Taylor Wolfe Still
    Christian Taylor Wolfe Still

    Lets see Justin Beiber top this LOL WOOT!! GO SHANE!!!

  • mrzoomsky

    One of the first shane dawson subscribers...speechless this is amazing

  • Kacie Mayea
    Kacie Mayea

    my ring tone!! love love love love it

  • Chris B.
    Chris B.

    This is seriously so PROFESSIONAL and AWESOME. I'm so glad he's gone this far!!!!! KEEP IT IT UP SHANE WE ALL SUPER-LUV YOU!!!



  • Kayla Peterson
    Kayla Peterson

    Loved the song, very touching and it made me cry. ur a great singer and i hope u write another song <3 cant wait to see the video and buy the song :) @hoser23

  • SD4Alex

    I'm waiting for an album. <3

  • Genesis

    This is awesome shane good job :D ahhh i love it :D cant wait to see the video :D <3 <3 <3

  • The31souleater

    The only thing that could make it better is the music video!!!!! Watch out nerimon he's making it to #1 BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emanuel Alves
    Emanuel Alves


  • Emanuel Alves
    Emanuel Alves


  • Dayana

    Shane I love it, this song almost made me cry.PS you are an amazing singer

  • Taylor


  • Kenny

    nice autotune ^^ LOVE YOU SHANE :D

  • Katrina Marie Eik
    Katrina Marie Eik

    i have been watching Shane for what.... 4 years now, more and i am so proud of him. I cant stop listening to it, NOTHING IS BETTER SHANE NOT EVEN JUSTIN BIEBER i don't care if he does not know who i am or that i am living or that i love him and that he saved my life.... he may not have super powers, but he had the power to save me, i love you Shane Lee Dawson

  • Stephanie Savage
    Stephanie Savage

    AH!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I SO can't wait to buy it on itunes =D =P

  • Shannon

    I love this so much, I've listened to it like 30 times now! Shane, I want to hug you right now. I am going to rape the buy button on itunes tonight until it's dead, so no one else will be able to buy it but me! :D

  • Kimberly


  • Jenna Fizzy
    Jenna Fizzy

    OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Want to BUY it on CD!

  • Jodan Smith
    Jodan Smith

    Shane hoonestly..................that was absolutely brilliant!!!!!!

  • Chloe

    I love it! Im so proud of Shane This is what a real star is like! Im so excited for the video and to buy it off Itunes Amazing work Shane You've came along way and ignored all of the hate and listened to your true amazing fans Thank you for everything and all the opputunities <3

  • meliyla

    Fan-freaking-tastic! Totally going to be my summer song for this year :)

  • Eliza Segal
    Eliza Segal

    this is amazing. shane, i may not be one of your fans from so long ago, but i swear to you i am one of your biggest, and i have seen all of your videos. i love you so much, and i am so proud of you. i superluv you. <3

  • Kendall

    WOW! ive been watching shane since started. He was amazing then, but he's grew into an amazing person!! Hes so talented with everything that he does. Im so proud of him, and i know he will succeed with everything he does. Love you Shane!!!! <3 xoxoxo

  • Megan

    AMAZING!!!!! This song is awesome!! It is going to be stuck in my head all day <3 I can't wait till I can buy it on itunes :))) It's such a fun, upbeat song, great job Shane :)))

  • superluv

    I cried listening to this. I've only "known" Shane for a few months but I'm extremely proud of him. He started his YouTube career years ago with low-quality videos and now he has over two million subscriber and an original song so amazing, I can't put it into words. Soon, Shane will be getting Grammys, Oscars, and his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame, I just know it. Shane is my idol, hero and will always be in my heart. I love you, Shane. You'll never lose this fan. :)

  • Shannah Hartson
    Shannah Hartson

    Is that an attempt to troll? It doesn't matter if they are male or female. They could be a straight male and still love him. If it was an attempt to troll then maybe you should make sure your picture isn't something like the Forever Alone guy. Cause that's just gonna make people laugh AT you not WITH you. But the forever alone is the right thing since I've noticed no one replying to you until right now.

  • jasmine

    Shane this is amazing!!! OMG I love it sooo much!! You did an amazing job and I keep listing to it over and over again I can't get enough of it! I am gonna buy it on ITunes when it comes out, gonna stay up until it does <3 amazing Shane amazing :))

  • Alex

    Oh. My. Gosh... I didn't know what to expect, but Shane.. you are awesome! This song is great, amazing job! Can't wait to see the video :)

  • Cody Mendoza
    Cody Mendoza

    I am an Extra in this music video!!!!

  • Justine (@xojustinee)
    Justine (@xojustinee)

    Im so proud of you Shane! Ive been watching since 2008, It might have been Dec 31 2008, but I think it counts! This song is so AMAZING Im have Goosebumps, Im about to cry because Im so happy for you! You deserve EVERYTHING You have worked so hard for it all! I love you so much and I always will! <3 <3

  • Kenny Kerry
    Kenny Kerry

    DUDE THAT SHIT WAS BADASS, goodjob dude I enjoyed it man, all the time waiting was fuckin worth it

  • gracecollins_sd

    Shane this is amazing and im so proud of you <3 i cried. i love you so much and i hope all your dreams come true :} i love you and will always support you <3 keep up the good work shane <3 lots of love and always Grace xxxxx

  • gracecollins_sd

    OMG SHANE IT WAS AMAZING ! so proud of you <3

  • skylarnichols77

    Honestly, I think this is your best yet. Good job<3

  • Taylor Molina
    Taylor Molina

    OMFg, This Song Explains My Love LIfe.. I LUv U Shane<3<3

  • redninja

    omg shane you done soo well i LOVE the song it was beyond AMAZING! great job <3

  • TotallyDawson_

    This is amazing Shane. I'm tearing up. You have come so far and i bet no one thought you would make it this far when you first started but you managed to accomplish so much over the past 4 years. You give hope to many younger youtubers who hope to be big one day and accomplish big things. One day you will be bigger with TV shows, movies, songs etc. and won't have as much time for youtube but we will all sill love you the same. As will I. I love you so much and will never stop even after I'm dead. I hope your reading this and know how much I and all of your fans care about you and love you. <3 ~Your Bedfucker Lauren

  • Brandi

    Shane, I'm seriously shaking listening to this. My heart is racing and I can't function. I've watched your videos ever since it was just you and a crappy camera, with you ranting about random things; whether it be about what pissed you off or being fired at Smenny Smmegg. Now...this. This song..it's perfect. Words can't explain how wonderful this is. This song is going to make HISTORY, SHANE. Mark my words. I love you, <3

  • @nicanghirrx3

    Shane, you really are amazing! Everything you do just gets better and better :) you're soo funny, and honestly the only person worth watching on youtube i think! I've been watching your videos since the begining :) i once even wrote you a fan letter :P i just love you soo much! keep on being amazing(:

  • Beth Gilbert
    Beth Gilbert

    OH MY GODD SHANE!! :O You are an amazing singer! Such an incredible song, we are SO PROUD OF YOU! :D <3 We will always support you <3 p.S this song was kick ass and all I could think about while listening to it was you and Lauren dancing in your office :D

  • Lauren

    I absolutely love this song! :D

  • Sharon Talker
    Sharon Talker

    That's f*****g amazing!! u are my hero shane! <3

  • Nakitah :)
    Nakitah :)

    Loving it Shane :) Im listening to it over and over :)

  • Hi

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen

    I am crying because of you. This is too much. Knowing that your hero can sing is just... AMAZING. You don't know how many people are dancing/crying/fangirling because of this. You are potential Shane. Don't give up. :')

  • shaydi

    you are so focking good

  • April Dawson-Winchester Ackles
    April Dawson-Winchester Ackles

    Loved It<3 Shane yu are Amazing, you did a Awesome job on Superluv, cant wait for the Video!:)

  • supbitches

    <3 love it! tjis is my new hit :D

  • Brianna

    Already know all the lyrics <3 this is amazing Shane we're all so proud of you :)

  • Darcy Rae
    Darcy Rae

    shane i loved it soo much i hope my comment means alot and we all loved it it was amazing u have such a gd voice xx <3

  • Miah Schmahl
    Miah Schmahl

    I love this song <3

  • Brody Moryski
    Brody Moryski

    (*_*) did you just say awful he is amazing id like to see you sing

  • Brody Moryski
    Brody Moryski

    are you a girl or boy?

  • Brody Moryski
    Brody Moryski

    I watched 5 seconds and thats it i want a surprise for saturday leave a reply if you do to

  • Jenny Minnehan
    Jenny Minnehan

    I love Shane! Love the song! :) <3

  • PlaysWithSquirrels

    This is why Shane is my hero. So flawless. He saved my life.

  • serinaleedawson

    You've come so far Shane. I'm so proud of you. This song just made my whole day. I can't wait until I'm older and I'll be seeing you making movies and winning awards. I'll be proud to say that you were my idol and you saved my life. I really can't wait for the music video tomorrow. You put so much into every video you make and you actually care about your fans. I can't say that for a lot of other youtubers. I'm truely so proud of you Shane. I love you so much Shane<3 you deserve the best in life. -serina <3

  • brittaniabrigia

    I am so proud of Shane and how far he has come, he deserves all of this love and I hope he carries on making songs like this because it is AMAZING! I have watched Shane for a really long time, since he was just a normal person that uploaded videos on to YouTube and I really can't say how proud I am of him. He has also got me though the hard times in life and even made some parts on my life brilliant. Thank you so much you existing <3

  • Megan Halliday
    Megan Halliday

    omg shane your amazing D: !!! i love your voice and everything

  • Adel Aljurayan
    Adel Aljurayan

    Oooohh snap!! this is awesome, cant fucking wait for the music video!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Dawson
    Elizabeth Dawson

    I am so proud you Shane Dawson you have saved my life in many ways I hope one day to meet you are my idol keep up the good work ~Elizabeth

  • MegzTheseWordz - Amanda
    MegzTheseWordz - Amanda


  • Megan

    I really wish Shane would have used is voice rather than put on the voice of a character. It would have such a larger impact. He could have some real talent, but not putting on that tone to his voice.

  • Bemyescape12

    Shane, you give me so much hope! This song is amazing. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! Never stop what you're doing. I put all of your inspiring quotes in an empty "hair food" jar. Some of these lyrics are going in. I love you.

  • Shaea Sines
    Shaea Sines


  • FanisVincent

    dude..just...EPIC. :') <3

  • Shaea Sines
    Shaea Sines

    :') I love you Shane. I love the message and you're sexy voice ^^ Keep it up! WE LOVE YOU!

  • Zarah Gollan
    Zarah Gollan

    i can't wait to buy this!

  • @kristel_vb

    SHANE THIS IS INSANE! i really love itt Im sooo proud of your progress, I cant believe how amazing you are now! Its jjust awesome, congrats really, I know I wont stoppp hearing it i just superluv it :D thanks for making me smile with all your videos i really love you :)

  • Nina (dawsonobsessed)
    Nina (dawsonobsessed)

    Shane, I'm so proud of you. I can't believe you have come so far. I will never stop supporting you, I love you so much. Stay strong, you are one true inspiration. xo Nina aka dawsonobsessed. <3

  • KatieTwDawson

    Is litrally crying because im so proud, God i love you Shane!<3

  • Laura Šūmane
    Laura Šūmane

    OMG,love this song! Words can't even describe,how good this song is.Thanks for manking this song,Shane! :))


    Wow! It's amazing to see how far you have really come. This video has really proved how much you have achieved. The lyrics and chorus are beautiful and I am sat here crying. You have accomplished so much and you will continue to do in many years to come. I will stick by you throughout and I cannot wait for your next song after listening to this. You are such a nice person, with a perfect personality and a great sense of humour. Not only are you a phenomenal actor and director, but an artist. You are so talented its unreal. You inspire me Shane. You are the reason I am who I am and I will always love you. Thank you for this shane! - @DAWSONS_ARMY.

  • Zarah Gollan
    Zarah Gollan

    this was amazing shane, i can't believe this is you, you sound so good! i seriously can't wait for the video to go with this masterpiece,so proud of you shane <3

  • Juliana Figueiredo
    Juliana Figueiredo

    shane's singing is awful, but i love it anyways!! <3

  • Megan E. Dick
    Megan E. Dick

    Hol. Ly. Mo. Ses. SHANE! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw the link up, I started crying... because the anticipation has been building for so long :,) This is legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't really know what else to say to express how much I freaking love this song, how much I'm thankful for all the hard work you put into this for us, and how much I've been looking forward to Super Luv... but I hope that you'll get the gist of it. My ears- they have listened to this nonstop since it's been up. My fists- have been overly flailed in the air too much. My eyes- have cried so much that they're puffy. And I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT! :) Once again, you've made my year! :)

  • Ts

    Super Loved #SuperLuv

  • Katie Davies
    Katie Davies

    Ahhh, this song is so good. Waited ages for it! So good. Totz broke the replay button as well. ;D

  • John

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  • KaitlynLeeYaw

    Shane, you're amazing. I'm so proud of you, and as cheesy as it sounds, I #SUPERLUV you!

  • Dezzy

    when i get my ipod this is going to be my first song on it <3 my new favorite song :D

  • Amandamarie

    Shane I'm so proud of you. You've come so far and look at all that you've accomplished. It's a song I can't even begin to describe into words. I got the goodebumbs from just listening to it. You're truly one talented young man and shall continue to wait and see what you will have in store for us next. You never cease to amaze me! Love you Shane <3 Keep it up. Super Luv is gonna be on repeat(:

  • GetShaneToIreland

    this is amazing! i've been waiting for it for so long, it was worth it! well done shane!<3

  • Silje E.
    Silje E.

    I fell in love with it at once! ♥

  • alex

    omg i love it so much its really catchy way to go shane

  • Hope (MrsShaneLee)
    Hope (MrsShaneLee)

    I have been watching Shane for a few years now and every time he does something big he steps it up 1000 times. This song is amazing and I am going to rape the buy button on ITunes tonight. He works so hard for his fans and I love him so much. I am crying listening to this, I am so proud :'). I hope one day Shane will know how much he means to me <3

  • AmyxxGrace

    This. is. amazing.

  • Acey

    God, I love him.

  • Christina Peterson
    Christina Peterson

    Very awesome song and with what it is about i like the picture you used for the cover! Love it Shane hope to hear more in the future keep up the good work on everything. You are an inspiration to me!

  • Lauren Mastropietro
    Lauren Mastropietro

    I was Shane's 7th subscriber on his main channel. I'm literally sitting here crying my eyes out because I am so proud of him. Going from crappy webcam videos with no characters, to THIS. This is beyond what words could every hope to say. Shane, if you read this, I am SO SO proud of you, more than you will ever know!! I love you with all my heart and soul. I have been here since the beginning and I will be here until forever. I love you Shane <3

  • Sintija Revina
    Sintija Revina

    wow so kewl ,Shane :)x

  • Marnie King
    Marnie King

    I luv I've been counting down Loving It <3

  • jennellea

    I have been waiting for this I love it shane!!!!!!! :D

  • shanerulesmyshit

    fuckin awesome!!! good job

  • ShaneDawson

    Oh my gosh. That is amazing! I LUV IT!