One Minute Buzz: Nearly Naked 'Spring Breakers,' Plus Flour Bombs, Octomoms & More! (VIDEO)

PETA and Khloe Split
PETA Reacts To Khloe Kardashian’s Resignation: ‘We Wish She Had More Influence On Kim’
PETA says "We wish she had more influence over Kim" Read More »

This week saw a slew of celebrity flesh, like Spring Breakers stars Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco, plus Octomom found herself back in the spotlight after nude pics of her were published in a women's magazine. How did she react when she saw the pics for the very first time herself?  

Find out: Take a minute and watch the video above!

There were also more developments in the Kim Kardashian flour bombing, as the powdered  assailant was revealed as a PETA volunteer who had actually worked with sister Khloe. Kim's supportive sis then denounced her support of the group -- but vowed she would continue not to wear fur, as that is her personal belief.

WATCH THE VIDEO FOR MORE: Find out who started a celebrity feud and which TV couple is getting serious off screen, all in this week's One Minute Buzz!!!



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