Inside Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's PDA-Filled Date Night (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

It's another date night Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson! On Friday, the couple were spotted out again at Hotel Cafe for a Johnny Flynn concert, but put on their very own PDA-filled show once inside!

Arriving together, Kristen and Rob hung in the back of the crowd. Although they were with friends, Robsten didn't hold back on the love as they were seen holding hands and kissing, well, basically everywhere. A Celebuzz insider told us that Kristen and Rob couldn't have looked happier -- acting "so cute and in love."

Kristen and Rob headed to the private backstage area afte the show and were "so nice and respectful to staff there." In fact, Rob, who was sporting his regular casual style of a Bob Marley shirt, baseball cap, dark jacket and pants, was very generous and paid for the bar tab -- but not before another long and heavy spit-swapping session with his gal! The Twilight couple were seen making out in the club before leaving hand in hand together.

It looks Paris is not the only City of Love these days!

With both Stewart and Pattinson having a busy few months coming up, we're glad to see these two lovebirds spending so much time with one another! Kristen starts promoting Snow White and the Huntsman in the next month, while Rob has Cosmopolis coming up. However, it’s rumored the duo will head to Cannes together for Cosmopolis and Kristen’s movie, On the Road.

Here's hoping for more date nights in France! In the meantime, check out more Robsten PDA in the teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2:



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  • Michel

    I hope the film contains the cooinrsatven Edward and Bella has at the end of New Moon (Edward somewhat explains himself). My fear is that we will see the break up scene the race to and fro Volterra and that will be all I didn\'t cry (but I did fastforward to the end to see if what happened before going back and re-reading the whole story). LOL

  • mary

    she looks dead

  • nayla

    me encanta como se ven juntos ojala sigan asi y que dure mucho su relacion hacen una muy bonita pareja

  • kittywonghf

    oh for gods sake just get married already... :D

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    They are passionate, I wish luck to the couple!! They are really cute and very beautiful, is a very united couple!

  • BlackCat

    these 2 are on top of the world - can't they smile???

  • Sheri He
    Sheri He

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  • mili

    hay los amo !! kristen me encanta como te vestis robert te amo!!

  • ludi55

    viv *

  • purpleluckypuppy

    if only that was true bub :/ As you can see by Celebuzz posting these photos and information, the spotlight is still on them and will always be despite the new Hunger Games franchise. Speculation of their engagement, wedding, break-up and steamy romance has been going on for a while now, they will always be in the media, even after Breaking Dawn Part Two is released. I wish they could go off and be a normal couple, but once you get into the public eye, it's hard to get out.

  • oniszko2

    Go on Robsessed blog, Tink who is a writer for the site and has been for years, was at the show last night with her friends, She wrote and I "Robert and Kristen at the venue last night, standing up against the wall, Kristen was leaning on Rob's chest and he was holding her, he turned around and gave her a kiss on the forehead, awh Rob and then all of a sudden he must has said to himself it's got to get hotter in her, so he turned Kristen around and started making out with her infront of everybody, tongue on tongue, full force she said she just sat there in awh, how much they are in love with each other is so evident...So if you have any doubts go over to the site, she is truthworthy, and reliable, and she was therer. She said they were hot, you know the movies are almost over BD maybe that is why you are seeing so much of them, Rob does not want to hide anylonger, and Kris is the same, she is just a bit more shy then Rob.....But you have got to love these two. Tink also added they are so friggin HOT, Adorable, cute and so in love.....................

  • shayna.lane

    I can honestly say i am so happy for the hunger games because now they can just go out and do normally things and not feel like the world is closing in on them now the pressure will be on the hunger games cast. I'm happy they can just be a some what normal couple

  • mileyismylife

    they are the cutest together !

  • john

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  • ludi55

    stop lying vic,the tweets from non fans said they were kissing,there are no tweets saying their arent so stop lying.

  • katy

    BS there were tweets from non twilight fans who saw them making out,there was only one person who said they arent and she is hater,she is a nonsten of course she would lie about this,this girl has been know for lie in the fandom before.that still doesnt change the fact that true fans and non fans saw them kissing last night,deal with it.

  • Flo Fandom
    Flo Fandom

    FYI there were other tweets from other people that saw them make out that arent fans i know its odd but maybe they are changing cause twi mania is over so they can be more open as a couple, its not impossible

  • Viv

    there were others there who said on twitter that they observed them all night and there was not all this lovey lovey kissing and crap going on. Dont get me wrong i believe the sightings just not all this bs about making out in front of everyone especially because it came from a fan of them. The other people who did not see any of this and had a view of them the whole night, are not twilight fans so i believe them over the other encounters. And also it's very unlike Rob or Kristen to do all that in front of people. Just saying. but totally believe they were there though

  • Guest

    stop getting your news from your friends at k stewart news because you're getting the wrong info. start crediting the proper fans you got this from.

  • katia

    also you should credit the fans that were there for your info...because that's from whom you got your info.

  • guest

    Celebuzz, really? Austin?? Try LA!

  • Flo Fandom
    Flo Fandom

    Hotel Cafe is in LA not Austin, WTF?

  • katia

    Celebuzz...Johnny Fynn's gig was in the Hotel Café in LA.