‘You Fat F-ck’: Chevy Chase Caught On Secret Audio Tape Abusing ‘Community’ Creator

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 NBC’s primetime comedy Community is in chaos after expletive-laden audio of star Chevy Chase abusing the show’s creator was leaked online, Celebuzz is reporting.

In the voicemail to Dan Harmon, Chase, who plays Pierce Hawthorne on the show, is heard complaining about his boss’ writing and behavior before telling him — multiple times — to “suck his c-ck.”

“You’ve got damn bad writing… Sh-t… Stinko… F-ck… It’s an abomination and you’re writing… it gets worse and worse,” Chase, 68, said in the message which was reportedly played by Harmon to a group of people and secretly recorded. The voicemail in question could be heard HERE.

The network has yet to respond.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Chase and Harmon have been feuding since Chase stormed off the set of the show on the last day of filming, failing to film a scene that was to conclude the season finale.

 At the series wrap party, Harmon allegedly gave an explicit speech in which he encouraged the crew to join him in saying “F-ck you, Chevy”, in front of Chase’s wife Jayni and one of his three daughters.

In the message, the National Lampoon’s Vacation star told Harmon, “I don’t get talked to like that by anyone. Certainly not in front of my wife and daughter you goddamn asshole… fat sh-t.”

He added, “I’ve got nothing to say to you except you can suck my c-ck. Is that clear?”