YouTube Sensation Shane Dawson Premieres Music Video For New Track ‘SUPERLUV’ (VIDEO)

Celebuzz recently premiered Shane Dawson’s debut single, “SUPERLUV,” and now its music video has been finally released! On Saturday, the YouTube star unveiled the vid on his channel, and we are SUPERLUV-ing it!

“I’m really excited to make an original song,” Shane told us about the tune.  ”But I’m even more excited about the message: When the odds are against you, believe in yourself and you will find your inner super hero.”

After garnering millions of followers of his YT channel, Shane is now busting out on the music scene with his first album. He’s also staying on the self-publishing route, instead of a traditional studio deal. What CAN’T this kid do?!

Like what you see? Check out more of Shane’s work on his YouTube channel, ShaneDawsonTV.

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