‘He’s Sexist & Incredibly Disrespectful’: Aubrey O’Day Blasts 'Celebrity Apprentice' Co-Star Arsenio Hall (EXCLUSIVE)


More than six million people watched as former late night host Arsenio Hall exploded at singer and former Playboy model Aubrey O’Day on Sunday’s three-hour-long episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.

"I Googled her and a naked picture of her with a gut popped up," 56-year-old Hall said, during their team’s project.

Reacting exclusively to Celebuzz, the ex-member of Danity Kane hit back at the comedian during an interview Monday and explained why she stormed out of Donald Trump's boardroom.

“It was below the belt,” the 28-year-old told us.

“What Arsenio did [on last night’s episode] was just incredibly disrespectful... sexist in my opinion and it only gets worse next week. I walked away because it crossed a line, the entire thing crossed a line.”

Likening Hall’s behavior to that of a bully, O’Day said it reinforced why she is playing the reality show for GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which works to educate teachers, students and the public about the damaging effects of homophobia and bullying.

“I’m fighting for anti-bullying campaigns,” O’Day told Celebuzz.

“I am thinking of all the people that have been bullied, or that have been talked to in a really degrading or disgusting manner. (I’m thinking) what message I would want to send, if this were happening to them. You’ll see me act on that thought."

Now, the question remains: Is O’Day gone from the show for good?

“I am hoping that you will see me next week, I may or may not come back,” an evasive O’Day told Celebuzz.

Regardless, according to O’Day’s fellow castmate, Lisa Lampanelli, this isn't the end of the story.

On Monday, Lampanelli tweeted, "Interesting editing by NBC Sun., don't you think, @Aubrey ODay? The stuff they cut out of the boardroom was disgusting. Will all come out."

O'Day's responded: "Yeah. It's tiring. And typical. Oh well, on to real life!"

Check out the video below to see what led O’Day to exit the boardroom (along with two firings -- Dee Snider and Deborah Gibson).



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  • Jerwin

    Kris Doman - Do you remember loiknog through this magazine when we worked together at the studio? I am so happy it's come full circle and your images are the ones in the magazine now. Congrats, girl!January 13, 2010 6:18 pm

  • Judy

    I think arsenio hall is the biggest complete a**hole. I stopped watching the show because he was on there......He is an ignorant, chrome-dome. He's got a weird shaped head too!!!!

  • greg

    maybe Lisa has a thing for Aubrey. I find it funny that Aubrey hates bullies yet sucks up to Lisa who is the meanest most negative person i have seen in my entire life. with all Aubrey's nasty catty comments and she wonders why she gets bullied? and the way she sucks up to the Trumps is disgusting. constantly bitching about her team mates behind their back. At least Arsenio said it to her face. If Lisa does 90% of the work then why does her team lose every week? She's a racist foul mouthed pig and i think its laughable the only times she cried was when the Trumps were present. Being from Australia I never heard of Lisa or Aubrey before i watched this show and still have no idea what actual talent they have. We get it Lisa, you been doing comedy for 22 years. Oh wait, its not comedy. all you do is make racist and homophobic jokes on stage. then you whine when someone calls you a bitch.


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  • itsmemememememememe

    I was thinking of Aburey when I cam up with my name. "I, I, I, me, me, me-I'm the only one who can come up with a good idea-I have too do everything. If there is a God she will be fired tonight.

  • whoknew

    Dawg aka Aubrey, get off this page with your ridiculous comments! lol

  • Coop

    It is really a great and useful piece of information. I'm happy that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Adel

    I seriously don't understand why are they people thinking that Aubrey is a strong and nice one. In fact she's manipulative and full of herself, and she's been well known for being a self-centered woman even before this show. I believe she was asked to join the show just because Mr. Trump is more than happy to add some drama to his show. I am so glad that at last somebody has the gut to point out all her evil manipulative ways. She and Lisa are by far the worst celebrities I have witnessed so far!!

  • Nona

    Aubrey O'Day makes Omarosa look like a saint.


    I was a HUGE fan of Danity Kane, which was the group that Aubrey O'Day was put in. It's funny because what Clay said about Aubrey was spot on. He was right when he said Aubrey has is a leader, but she is self-righteous and selfish, and cannot be in a team. I was like, oh damn, that is why Danity Kane failed, because she was really all about herself, and it's funny again because her reality show was called ALL ABOUT AUBREY. I used to be a big fan of Aubrey, but this show really highlighter her negative features. AND A TRUE HYPOCRITE TALKING ABOUT BULLYING WHEN SHE BULLIES DAYANA, bitch shut it!

  • jessica

    Aubrey should seek help from her charity she is playing for. She really does not understand the damaging effects of homophobia and bullying. In watching all of the seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, I have never seen more bullying than what Aubrey and Lisa do.

  • dawg

    she never said she's perfect. i'm not trying to argue that. i'm arguing that what she did doesn't equate to his response. acting a little catty (which was funny most of the time) and acting a little to overbearing on a task for CHARITY does not warrant arsenio's behavior. and all of those things you said (her calling them talentless, stupid, old) are all exagerations. she did not say those things. she made comments about how annoying her co-workers were AFTER HAVING WORKED WITH THEM, but she never outright said those offensive things. that "bashing" that you say she did, has been confirmed as just saying that arsenio was a "good" team manager and not a great one. i honestly feel bad for your children if you really believe what you type. and look at this recent tmz article-http://www.tmz.com/2012/04/06/lisa-lampanelli-arsenio-hall-aubrey-oday-c-word/#.T3860Jqokoo - if you can still like arsenio after that, you're as disgusting as he is.

  • Babeegirl67

    I am glad that Arsenio got in dat azz cuz Aubrey ain't nobody. She thinks she is all that and ain't sh&%. She had a lot f nerve callin people has beens...she doesn't have nuttin good going on for herself and needs to find a freaking clue and get a life wit her dumb azz. She tried to be Billy Bad Azz on the show, and Arsenio let her have it, as he should have. I can't stand chicks like her. Arsenio ROCKS!!!

  • george

    There's a reason Forte have been losing most of their tasks. I imagine it would be difficult achieving maximum productivity in such a toxic and exclusionary work environment. Quite a few of the women leaving the show have intimated as much too.

  • jessica

    Its interesting to read what people thought of this because I totally thought that Arsenio was completely out of line and was being a huge bully. I can understand that maybe he thought she talked to much or was overenthusiastic but I would love to have those tiny flaws in an executive employee. It is very frustrating to me when men cant deal with strong women. I really think he owes her an apology. Lisa on the other hand seems to have gone a little over the edge...

  • Pamela Like
    Pamela Like

    From what I've seen of Aubrey since this show started, & that's ALL I've ever seen of Aubrey (thank God), she is an arrogant, age-ist, selfish, & possibly homophobic bully. Congrats, GLSEN!

  • Pamela Like
    Pamela Like

    Clay's son is his own - he had the baby with a close friend. And that tweet by Aubrey was about as low a blow as she could go.... especially if Arsenio IS in the closet (probably not), but just as mean & homophobic if he's not.

  • Pamela Like
    Pamela Like

    So when Aubrey & Lisa call all the other girls & Arsenio hasbeens, talentless, stupid, old, etc. - that's not hurtful?????? Calling Arsenio sexist is a typical excuse from a women who can't admit her own faults. She's perfect, of course, so it just has to be because she's a strong woman. Conveniently ignoring all the other strong women throughout his life that he's had no problem getting along with. And according to DTJr, edited out was Aubrey bashing Arsenio as PM, which was the last straw that broke his will to remain congenial.

  • maxeee

    Google her ....and see what other people are calling her...he did not say any thing that not being said already... That does not make him the bad person, if SHE created a particular image for people to label her or harbor on

  • maxeee

    I believe Arsenio handled himself in a correct manner....IF and I say IF he did call her out her name...it was not until she tried to undermine his efforts... Which I never heard him say anything of the sort! But she can call him an old man and say he was a has been ...hmnn? A person can only take so much of someone walking all over them!!! As for the comment he made about what he saw on GOOGLE he was refering to her work ethics... and so what he said she was dressed like a hooker... He cant tell the truth about what he saw?...If she put it out there in the public then she has to expect people to be opinonated....i watch the show for enjoyment and entertainment. I dont think any of us is overly worked up about ....just a show...we just like to share our thoughts with fellow veiwers....just my 2 cents

  • dawg

    what about the cutting of basically everyone else's confessional interviews? everyone says catty things (ex. clay aiken). but, they're not as funny as the ones that aubrey says, so they don't air). you can't totally judge someones character on a reality show -whatever you see is up to the producers/editors. stop taking the show so seriously and use it for what it is, entertainment. and complaining/making comments about someones work ethic after working with them for several tasks is one thing. making unfounded and obscene remarks about someone without ever working with them is not cool (clay aiken- calling aubrey a stripper and arsenio saying he would never want to work with her-trouble starter). saying mean things to intentionally hurt someone (arsenio calling her a B*** and a W**** and intentionally trying to hurt her in front of people (instead of talking to her privately during the task), is very different than small catty remarks about people's work ethic.

  • dawg

    that's the ultimate sign of sexism. he likes the girl who didn't offer any ideas/opinions and just did whatever he told her to. however, he hates the girl who actually had a voice during the activity.

  • dawg

    wow, you guys take this show way to seriously. it's a reality show. put together by producers- who want drama and ratings. calm down and relax. aubrey never made it personal. she was just trying to be funny for entertainment purposes. sure she said a bunch of catty little things, but once again for entertainment. she never crossed the line and said anything super hurtful or mean, unlike arsenio. he intentionally said things to hurt her. AT THE END OF THE DAY, she worked hard to help his charity win money, but instead of being happy and thankful, he can't stop belittling her and calling her obscene names. definitely unnecessary and mean.

  • maxeee

    one more thought...the age old saying of "when you point a finger at someone else...you got three pointing back at your self! I understand why her charity is for bullies....she is trying to give back...MAYBE? LOL Everything she said about someone else...the previous messages pointed out those and more in her....WATCH YOUR FINGER POINTING!! it only MIRRORS YOURSELF!!

  • maxeee

    LISA too!

  • maxeee

    agree with everyone as well. Peggy you hit the nail on the head when you said UGLY on the inside! Lisa and Aubrey really show their insecuries, the lack of afirmation and lack of LOVE, they did not receive growing up...and in life. Both want to be seen, heard and appreciated but dont know how to do it with out coming across as selfish, or self proclaimed "PERFECT" . I was glad Arsenio Hall, stepped up and checked her! Lisa's turn! I hate to see famous, rich or people in general throwing their weight or status around!! Making themselves tall while making someone else feel less than! Hats off to Clay Akin for stepping up to Penn!..Dayana...it's better to be seen and not heard....plus those ladies are just haters! Lisa, Debbie, Aubrey....don't hate...participate...you can look the same as Dayana if you wanted too!

  • Nina

    I had never heard of Aubrey O'Day before this show, and am glad I hadn't. If she thought this was going to give her publicity, she was right, but not the kind of publicity that will do her any good. I think her fakey red hair is ugly, as are many of her hairstyles. She may be younger than some of the other women, but she looks ancient to me, sporting a look from the 60's. She is self-absorbed, bratty, pushy, and thinks her bm don't stink. She refuses to let others speak - a typical tactic of folks who can't let themselves hear any feedback from anyone else. Hope you are soon gone from the show, along with your pal Lisa, as you both make the show unpleasant to watch.

  • bagladey

    Arsenio kissed Teresa's hand in the boardroom; that's not the action of a sexist but Aubrey's talking about Tia's age in the boardroom and about Arsenio's "wrinkles" when preparing the photos sure does smack of ageism.

  • WAW

    out of this crap ,who thinks the elevator moment made Aubry very sexy?

  • Paula A. Higgins
    Paula A. Higgins

    WHY does Lisa keep defending Aubrey???

  • Katie Mills
    Katie Mills

    Its people like Aubrey that create wars and complain that they are the victims because they can’t see pass themselves and it’s a sickness. I had a supervisor just like Aubrey and it was only the grace of God that I didn’t have to deal with her on a daily bases. The moment a conversation was not about her, she ended up with a blank stare and looked lost. Then she took credit for things she didn’t figure on her own. She loved to get her little digs in with me because she could not stand that I was a happy person despite the lemons life threw at me. I 100% know the emotions Arsenio was feeling because I am very slow to anger and when it happens it’s very slow process to calm down. Life is too short not to be happy and life already provides people with adversity to deal with why allow anymore unpleasantness than what life already provides? Why waste your time being so selfish and disrespectful not only to others but to yourself? I don’t get it and I don’t want to.

  • Lark

    Total infantile temper tantrum by Aubrey. But then Bullies always have temper tantrums when someone outright refuses to take their crap. A perfect example of Aubrey's narcissism is when the executives/Trump asked 60 yr-old Lou F. for pushups. The theme was fitness; this was Lou's 'moment', but Aubrey pipes up from the other team and randomly insists on doing pushups too! WTF? I thought Arsenio displayed extreme fortitude in allowing Aubrey as much freedom as he did, especially when he went into it hating having to work with Aubrey. I was TOO TOO THRILLED to see him lose his temper with her, and that even in his fury, he didn't tear her up on unrelated issues. He stuck to the problems at hand. KUDOS Arsenio. I think you're the first one ever to send a fellow 'apprentice' down the elevator! LOL It's how you behave under adversity that shows what kind of person you really are, not how you act when everything is sunshine and roses.

  • Autopistas Alicante
    Autopistas Alicante

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  • You betcha
    You betcha

    Well, it's a very common tactic when some people argue. They will start a fight... And go a few rounds to take all of the shots they want to take... And then freak out and react like a victim when the other person fights back. Aubrey completely had it coming. She's an insensitive and selfish loudmouth who really can't comprehend anything that isn't flattering to her. She really doesn't hear non-complimentary things. She will NEVER look at her own actions and admit to wrongdoing. She will instead blame the people around her for her own shortcomings. It's always "everybody else's" fault. Complete and total narcissism. Actually... I'm about to pay her the same type of "compliment" she pays other people.... Aubrey is the biggest narcissist I hae ever seen.

  • Cassie

    Wow, now she's looking down on gays? I think I prefer being a gay than a two bit slut. She's trying to call Arsenio gay. He might be, but I don't care. I know he has a son. Unlike Clay he didnt adopt, it's his child. Also, Arsenio dated Paula Abdul back in the day. I know that doesnt mean anything but still, this dummy must want Arsenio to slap a lawsuit on her.

  • Cassie

    I would like to talk to someone that went to school with Aubrey. I bet you anything she was a bully. Finally someone told that helfer off. I just didn't think it would come from Arsenio. If you noticed, he let her have her way a lot during the task, I think it built up. She is so annoying, but she sure make good tv. I was sorry to hear about Arsenio's cousin that caught aids from her BF. She lived with him so I guess they were close. What is up with those jealous women hating on Dayana? Especially that moomoo.

  • Peggy

    I know this is no sweat off anyone's back but I second every single comment made so far..Aubrey is not only classless but her and her buddy Lisa L. are just toxic. They are the embodiment of the term "Ugly On The Inside". When they are forced to taste a pinch of the venom they spew, they cry!

  • Scarlet

    Oh my god!! She is the biggest insensitive bully. I have been waiting for her to get booted every week. She has a nasty personality and is upset because finally someone stood up to her. Now she is screaming sexism, gimme me a break. Time to go, I am tired of looking bat your narcisstic ass

  • Pinky

    Did she really try to pull the sexist card? lmao that is the funniest thing I've ever heard. What about all her below the belt comments she has made to women about their age, their careers being washed up etc? This is a prime example of someone not being able to take back what they dish out. She has been an overbearing self absorbed BULLY for the entire show. Dismissive and looks down upon others. Now she's crying when someone calls her out on her behavior all season? This is not about this one episode, she has shown who she really is week after week. She's pathetic and sad and believes she has to push her way up instead of earn the respect it takes to be on top.

  • E

    Aubrey got called out!! There is almost nothing that they could've cut out that would change my mind. Isnt it funny that the two bullies(Baby Aubrey and Mean Big mouthMama Lisa) are the only ones crying foul? Aubrey was the same way with P Ditty, and he also called her out. I believe if you go back and look at some of his comments about her(as well as some of her band/groupmates) were almost verbatim what Arsenio said. Its all abot Aubrey in Aubreyland, and if you dont like it she takes her toys and goes home pouting just like a 5 year old. Sad thing is she does have some good ideas, she just lacks self esteem, so she forces her way on you.

  • Anna

    What a hypocrite! I was following her twitter last night and was wondering why she deleted this tweet shortly after posting it. "Aubrey O'Day ‏ @AubreyODay Love that y'all think I'd quit... I've worked with bigger queens!"

  • Lilianna

    Aubrey was a mean bitch who manipulated every girl on her team , she tried to bully Arsenio. "You walked away from your career", seriously, what a bitch? She talked down to everyone and she was not about the team, she only cared about herself. She hated girls who were prettier than her and bullied Diana. She can't take it when it falls back on her orange stick shoulders. I dislike her and Lisa, they are rude and talk down to everyone. That orange bitch is gone, thank god!

  • Jo

    Aubrey thinks SHE was bullied? That's rich, coming from the biggest bully on the show. Like most bullies, she's a coward who crumples when someone has the guts to stand up to her. I hope she's really gone, but I doubt she'll be able to stay away from the cameras.

  • Patti Lane
    Patti Lane

    Aubrey has been getting on my nerves for weeks. Every week my girlfriend and I, who watch together on the phone, keep hoping she will get fired. She is not a team player and is out for herself. She thinks she is better than everyone and has no problem elevating herself, whether it is warranted or not. And I started out liking her and Lisa, now I can't stand either one.