Alexander Ludwig Talks Experimenting With ‘Dark Side of Humanity’ For Brutal ‘Hunger Games’ Role (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Even though for a majority of The Hunger Games you’re made to despise Cato, you have to admit, his final scene really makes you think!

Celebuzz caught up with Alexander Ludwig, the 19-year-old actor who took on the role as the vicious District 2 tribute, at the Kids’ Choice Awards in LA this weekend and asked him what shooting that final scene was like.

If you have yet to see Hunger Games in theaters, read no further! Spoilers ahead!

Though Cato kills many a tribute during his time in the arena, he just can’t seem to pull the proverbial trigger when it comes to Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). Cato has Peeta in a headlock on top of the Cornucopia, where he points out if Katniss shoots him, Peeta will go with him. Also, since “career” kids are essentially killing machines produced by their districts to win the games, and Cato refers to himself as “dead” already.

About that particular scene Alex told us:

“That was the reason I did the movie, really, to experiment with the dark side of humanity. If I could get the audience to sympathize with Cato for one second at the end of that movie, I did what I wanted to do.”

We also chatted with him about the opening weekend’s box office numbers, and crazy fan sites. Check it out in the video above! Also, take a Hunger Games Capitol tour here.