Aww! See Brand-New Photos From Brad Pitt's Childhood! (PHOTOS)

Just like Shiloh!

Ever since he flexed his guns in the 1991 action-drama Thelma & LouiseBrad Pitt has unquestionably become one of the hottest, if not the hottest, male actors in Hollywood.

From the looks of these pics, the now-48-year-old actor was just as cute before he was famous, too.

The evidence lies in these newly released photos, in which fans can catch a glimpse of what the Oscar-nominated, two-time People's Sexiest Man Alive actor looked like in high school, as well as when he was just 12.

Among the highlights: a portrait of Brad in a baseball uniform, as well as a shot from his high school yearbook. Brad's future movie-star looks are there. If you look closely, you can also catch a glimpse of Brad's daughter, Shiloh! Like father, like daughter, indeed!

The photos were obtained by an old friend named Jeff Wingo, who found them in his drawer.

Have a look at Brad's childhood pics in our gallery, then tell us: Can you spot a movie star in the making?



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  • Wiliam

    Knox and Shiloh look just like Angelina. I see Brad in Vivienne.

  • Shar

    OMG!! If that is not Shiloh's wonder she emulates her father, They look so much alike.

  • edith

    shilo looks like brad and same knox vivien looks like angelina

  • Sharee'

    Brad is definitely from Shawnee, OK. We are the only one's that have the Kiwanis games. Love this picture of Brad.

  • Krista O'Grady
    Krista O'Grady

    Shiloh looks like Angelina and her dad Jon Voight. Jon even said so himself. The twin Vivienne looks a lot like Brad and his mother. Her head and lips (I think) look like Angelina's. The boy twin Knox looks like Angelina all the way, and like big sis Shiloh.

  • uh huh
    uh huh

    Rice bowl and hedge clippers

  • dodgergrl

    what a dorky hair cut


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