Giuliana Rancic Looking into Adoption & Surrogacy Following Double Mastectomy (VIDEO)

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Giuliana Rancic returned to the TODAY show on Mon. April 2, to give an update following her double mastectomy. Joined by her husband Bill Rancic, the E! News corespondent revealed that she is doing great and still wants children.

“I won’t be needing chemotherapy,” she said adding that she’ll still be taking oral medication, which will hinder her from getting pregnant. But that isn’t stopping G & B from wanting children.

“We’re definitely having to explore other options… We absolutely want a child,” she said, adding that they’re looking into adoption and surrogacy.

“Whether you have a baby naturally, through adoption, through surrogacy, it’s your baby. You’re going to love that baby and that’s all that matters,” Giuliana said.

This past October, Giuliana disclosed that she had cancer.  “Through my attempt to get pregnant … we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer,” she revealed at the time. Then in December, she underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, which were both a success.

Through it all, Giuliana has been able to lean on her caring husband for support.

“It helped us find the humor in everything because when you go through something this tough, you have to, at some point, laugh, and get back to your normal life… It has reinvigorated our relationship and we’re closer than ever,” she said. 

Bill added: “It makes the little things seem not so important.”

The couple will be answering fan questions at 9pm ET on Tuesday night to coincide with the premiere of the fifth season of Giuliana & Bill.