Kim Kardashian: Sisters’ Style… Corn Row Swag! (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian posted some pics of her and sister Kendall Jenner with a unique hairstyle. She blogged

It’s fun to experiment with new hair looks! Kendall and I are both trying out cornrows! What do you think… would you guys wear this look?

This isn't the first time Kim and Kendall have rocked similar styles. Check out their D&G dress below: 



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    baby bliss flat iron

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  • sean coneri
    sean coneri

    at three only like this

  • kardashianlover123


  • Hudson De Witt Kelly
    Hudson De Witt Kelly

    dont take this the wrong way but she is beautiful and by far my favorite Kardashian

  • Tasheika Kelly
    Tasheika Kelly


  • Tasheika Kelly
    Tasheika Kelly


  • Justme

    I like the corn rows but prefer Kendall's look.. Kim's is a little too formal for me.. JMHO

  • Dalia

    What exactly would you categorize as "grown-up", though? Because clearly you're not acting very grown up Ms. Maria. When a person's career revolves around something, they can talk about it all they want. Besides, everyone is entitled to blog about their own interests. Just because it's something you may not care for yourself doesn't make it juvenile. At least Kim and the rest of the Kardashians are making it as entrepreneurs, so you can't accuse them of being stupid and doing nothing with their lives (as I see is the main argument most of the time). And for you to go out of your way to comment means YOU care, obviously. Quite frankly, your petty criticism seems more juvenile and immature than anything else.

  • glows

    YOU aren't acting grown up. Hating & commenting on something that has nothing to do with your life is pathetic. If you don't like her, don't post! & calling ehr a slut is REAL mature, let me tell you. Last time I checked she's had boyfriends, not a bunch of one night stands, why do you even care if she was a slut? Seriously, its her life.. let the girl live it the way she wants. & Blow job giver!? LMAO have you had sex? Have you fucked anyone? If you have, I'm sure the odds are you've given a blow job sweetheart. You need to grow up. Seriously.

  • Alexis

    I'm not sure I understand the amount of effort you are putting into bashing on someone you obviously don't care about. She is going to be who she is. Have you met her personally? Probably not. Do you realize and understand the public takes what they please and make it into their own thought, opinion and abstract idea of what others are? I guess not. I mean what exactly is the point in taking the time to present hateful words about someone you will probably never meet? I mean you must really be so bored to start something over a picture of a braid, that is her sister... did I mention her sister? But I congratulate you for making my night, for showing me how pathetic peoples lives are in this world.

  • Rebecca Lynn Morley
    Rebecca Lynn Morley

    The fact that you just said "blow job giver" makes my respect for any sort of "adult" opinion from you go down the tubes. And I dont even like kim all that much....

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores

    I am grown up that's how I can recognize that Kim isn't. Her mind and emotional growth are stuck somewhere between the ages of 13, and 14. She is not emotionally nor maturely where she should be at her age! Role model for what being a slut and blow job giver!

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores

    Lovers who have their brains up Kims butt really need to think about what they say! KIM IS AN ADULT OF 31 YEARS SHE NEEDS TO ACT LIKE ONE!

  • shannon

    not being funny but you need to grow up ... if you don't like them why waste your time hating when you can focus on your role model ... kim kardashian is my role model and she doesn't need people like you Maria Flores hating on her ... Grow Up !

  • Mel

    Haters i tell you, have nothing better to do then bash people. If you don't like it then look for other topics. Kim is about fashion, hair and makeup these topics are made for people that like fashion and want to dress to impress. KIM " i like the cornrows" very cute. people will always have something negative to say.

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores

    Who in the hell cares? Kim is 31 years old yet posts and does things that pertain to 13, 14, and 15 year olds. I guess we all know her mentality age! Grow up Kim everything in the world does not revolve around hair do, clothes and make up! There are so many more important topics to discuss yet that's all you ever talk about! I guess your mind is quite immature and your actions show it!

  • Zoary

    love it !!

  • Melissa Federico
    Melissa Federico

    Ummm the D & G dress is Kylie...not offense shouldn't you guys pay attention to that sort of thing?

  • carmensherri

    Love this!!

  • Samantha Lynn Yost
    Samantha Lynn Yost

    The D&G dress was shared by Kylie* and Kim.... not Kendall.

  • Marl

    SO "Teen Mom" hair style!