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Have you ever wanted to get in on the inside scoop on the latest celebrity controversies? Well, now is your chance!

From now until tomorrow at 11 AM EST, Celebuzz will be taking your questions for award-winning television journalist and bestselling author, Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Nadya Suleman (Octomom) recently announced that she is on welfare, and the news has many people upset. Does this show that our system is helping those in need, or are people taking advantage of this program? Get in on the conversation!

Jane hosts the hit show Jane Velez-Mitchell airing at 7PM EST on HLN, where she tackles the most controversial events with a wide range of viewpoints.  Check outHLNtv.com for more details.

Get Jane’s opinion on the issues everyone can’t stop talking about! Here’s how to connect with the host:

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We’ll be taking submissions until tomorrow, April 3 at 11 AM EST. Check back soon for Jane’s expert response!

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  • Poetry

    Attractive element of content. I simply stumbled upon your website and in accession capital to assert that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your weblog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing in your feeds or even I achievement you get admission to persistently quickly.

  • Alvin

    All the older kids (except Aiden) are in Whittier Christian School - which is a private school. Her school tuition runs about $3,000 per month. She claimed she pulled them from private school but pics came out of her son on an expensive trip to Sacramento last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

  • JesCurious

    Didn't I read that he had always been in public school??? I don't know of a public school trip that costs that much anywhere!

  • S.s. Smith
    S.s. Smith

    When does she move into the shoe?

  • BA

    My HUSBAND of 20 years and myself had 5 children in 5 years, including a set of multiples, all done the "typical" way. We wanted a big family. We paid for it all ourselves and did it all ourselves, never asking for help or a handout. I stayed home with the kids for years and now am back at work as an early childhood special ed teacher. I would guess that just our dental bills have been over 100K with cavities, cleaning, x-rays, flouride, braces, knocked out teeth, wisdom teeth pulled etc. x5 for 20 years and don't even get into the price tag for parochial school tuition or college tuition. When we started on this safari of having children we had a plan and we knew we would be sucked dry financially, at least for a while. Our grand plan may not have always worked out the way we thought, but we did think ahead as much is possible where children are concerned. Octomom did NOT and now, if I lived in California, I would be giving her my hard earned money so she can stay home with 14 children, feed them, clothe them, keep them healthy and educated. They all simply must be neglected. It was very challenging for me to give all 5 of my children, all needing the same thing at the same time, the love, affection, time and cuddling that I know they needed and deserved. I went without sleep for the better part of 10 years. There is simply no way she is capable of doing that for all 14 kids...... that is less than an hour a day of their waking minutes per child. HMMMM...... she is beyond the pale and so is anyone who uses IVF and refuses to selectively reduce if there are too many babies for whom to care. If you want to play the game, play by all the rules, not just the ones YOU deem appropriate. And yes, there are certain societal rules that we all need to follow.......

  • Alvin

    Sorry, it was the Dr. Phil interview: Dr Phil interview, about getting pregnant again, not being able to afford her six older children under the circumstances: Dr Phil: .. so a woman came to you and said "Okay, now Ms. Suleman, I'm a single mother and I have six children. I can't feed them without government assistance and living off of borrowed money. And I'm staying with my mom right now. And I haven't worked since 1999. And I want to go back to school.... Nadya: I could have worked. Dr Phil: .. but I want to go... Nadya: I'm like rationalizing it.... I could have worked. Dr Phil: .. but I want to go... Nadya: But I wanted to be in school.

  • Alvin

    Here's another question. How can she be so broke to get welfare (EBT card) when she's paying $900 for a trip for her son Elijah to go with his "private school" classmates to Sacramento last week?

  • Alvin

    Great questions, Bette. Don't forget Nadya admitted in the Ann Curry interview that she COULD have worked after leaving Metro State Hospital but wanted to be in school in stead. (But still collecting disability payments).

  • Bette

    Ask her about her California corporation, Harmony Enterprises, Inc., what assets are still in it and why it's still active if she's broke. (Her lawyer is the current agent for service.) Ask her about the disabling back injury that left her unable to work for ten years and garnered $100k+ in payments from the State of California -- until she became pregnant with her reality show "bait", aka: the octuplets. Ask her where all the money went that was donated to her during the first year. Suze Ormond reviewed her finances for an Oprah Winfrey show and said she had received enough in donations to support herself and her children until they were 18. Ask her why she continues to try to make "a living" as a celebrity when she isn't one instead of moving to a less expensive location.

  • Mary Dhappart
    Mary Dhappart

    Octomom should have had all those kids taken from her. She should not be on welfare as she was given a free house and cars and whatever else she supposedly "needed". Why she is on welfare is ridiculous. Something wrong with a state that allows people living in gorgeous homes in wealthy neighborhoods welfare help

  • Jacquelin Adams
    Jacquelin Adams

    she knew she couldnt afford them before she got prego i think its just a sad thing that the dr who helped her actually did it knowing how many kids she had already so shame on him for that ... now us working class has to pay for it or the state what about the people who need it if shes such a celeb then go on an interview and make money like the rest of us

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    @Sarah Welfair doesn't give you skills for any job all it does is give you a monthly stypin to help buy groceries medicine and other neccessary things. Octomom shouldn't be bragging about being on welfair which is paid for by the taxpayers. yeah sure the kids are innoncet but their fame hungry mom sholdn't have had so many of them

  • Sarah

    Personally I think that yah she made the choice to have all them kids and if they are hungry or in need of a home then why not apply for welfare. That is what it is there for to help people who cant help themselves, to give them the skills so that they can at a point get off welfare and take care of themselves. No matter what choices Nadya made her kids are innocent and shouldn't suffer for it when there is help available. Be more concerned about the people out here selling their foodstamps for Crack and Meth.

  • Roxanne Rice
    Roxanne Rice

    WHO THE HELL CARES!!!!! I mean really, she is a sigle mom of 14 kids!!!!! all I am saying is she has to take care of those kids anyways she knows how. I so believe she hsould have to go out get a REAL JOB and help support those kids so they have a some what normal life. she shouldnt get FREE HELP. there are many woman who are on state assistance why shouldnt she be able to get help too. think about her kids not her!!!!!!!