Readers Respond: Are You Team Aubrey O'Day or Team Arsenio Hall on 'Celebrity Apprentice'?

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It looks like this feud won't be cooling down any time soon!

On Sunday's episode of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, many were shocked when contestant and former talk show host Arsenio Hall put down former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day, by saying in a meeting "I Googled her and a naked picture of her with a gut popped up." The 28-year-old singer then stormed out of the boardroom, and talked exclusively to Celebuzz about the incident, saying it was "below the belt," as well as "sexist," and "disrespectful."

A lot of our Facebook readers had something to say about this feud and we couldn't help but ask -- are you team Aubrey or team Arsenio?

Judy P. said: Arsenio!

Rosane S. said: Team Arsenio, Aubrey is a lil narcissistic, but thats just my personal opinion

Jackie L. said: He's awesome and I was loving every minute of his rant on her ! She's a real piece of work! Buh bye Aubrey !

Ashley B. said: i like Aubrey i just think she could be more of a team player...Arsenio is funny lol...

Ritz C. said: Team AUBREY!!!!!

Also, it's still not known if she'll even return to the show, so you'll have to tune in next Sunday on NBC to see!

What about you? Team Aubrey or Team Arsenio? Keep the debate going in the comments!



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  • rebecca

    team arsenio for sure. aubrie is talented but and very smart but she should know she isnt the only 1 in that room whos smart. there are other people who have lived longer and have more experiences than she has so she should obey them. look at her anyway. shes like a circus freak with all red hair and big tits..she can easily be a smart pornstar but this aint a porno so STFU aubrie o;day!!!if you wanna do good be good first!

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  • orlando

    the whole thing is Arsenio is passionate about his charity. and when u are passionate about something u wont let anything get in the way. arsenio did nothing wrong on top of that aubrey is a hot mess and really should be ashamed of how she turned out

  • DonaldLover

    Aubrey and Lisa are acting like sore losers. That must mean that Arsenio won Celebrity Apprentice. Thanks for acting like immature children and ruining the show ending for all of us.

  • bagladey


  • Otro

    Arsenio treated Aubrey fairly. They got into a heated argument, which is normal for that boardroom. Not sexist at all. He wasn't abusive towards her, he just criticized her. Absolutely not the same thing. He backed up his criticisms with supporting evidence. He called her selfish, which is a criticism but is not misogynistic. On the flip side, Aubrey cuts down people to make herself stand out. Arsenio was not cruel to Aubrey in the boardroom. Aubrey is cruel all of the time. Arsenio cussed her out in the apartment after the boardroom, when Aubrey was not around. Arsenio treated her the way he would treat any person with her personality issues, and she shouldn't be treated differently simply because she is a woman. Also, she represents women poorly by crying when the going gets tough. She was the only project manager to cry when her team lost. She cried when her new team said they would fire her. When faced with criticism or failure, she turns weak. She subjected Dayana to lots of criticisms in the boardroom yet Dayana maintained her composure and endured the attacks, week after week. Dayana shows true fortitude and resilience, not Aubrey. Arsenio was not out of line in the boardroom, he was acceptably assertive. His rant in the apartment was a little over the top, but I honestly don't have big problem with it. Aubrey has been really hard to stomach and he was venting a lot of frustrations that the audience feels as well.

  • BenOC

    I'm definitely team Aubrey. She worked hard in the challenge, helped the team win and Arsenio thanked her by subjecting her to that diatribe!

  • Arseno

    ARSENIO. I was a huge Aubrey fan until this show. I am so disappointed in her. I think it's funny that said his remarks were sexist when her go-to insult is to cut someone down based on their age. So catty. She is ageist, dishonest and insecure. The way she cried in the boardroom not once, but twice, shows that her ego is built purely on tearing other people down and delusions that everyone loves her and looks up to her. The other week she told Tia Carrere "that's where you go wrong, Tia." As if she knows it all. This girl has a LOT of growing up to do. Yes, she has strong opinions, is smart and talented, but so are the other women and they are not nearly as hated as her.

  • Chi

    Team Arsenio without a doubt. Aubrey has made several ugly comments about her fellow contestants and lets face it when she was on the women's team, her ideas only brought the team 2 wins. its amazing how the people who claim to be the brightest and the most creative both lost their tasks as team leaders. Thumbs up to Arsenio! Someone finally spoke up. LIsa is next! They are both so cruel.

  • Kay

    Sunday night was the best Apprentice episode I have ever watched!! I've watched all the seasons and Arsenio was AWESOME!! Loved it Loved it Loved it!! He deserves to win just because of this incredible episode!! Love you Arsenio Hall!!!!!

  • ssa

    TEAM AUBREY! she is amazin'!

  • Truth

    TEAM ARSENIO easily. Arsenio has been pretty easy to get along with everyone the entire season. Aubrey O'Day had been a catty bytch on the women's team, and became a bossy self-centered bytch when she was on the co-ed team. Finally it all exploded and Arsenio seemed to speak Women like Aubrey O'Day are used to being conceited, arrogant, and being privileged with everyone kissing their ass. About time someone gave her a dose of reality.

  • Orson the Ogre.
    Orson the Ogre.

    Arsenio, I love the way you take the trash out brother. This chick Aubrey has to be one of the most annoying bitches I've ever seen..

  • Tonetare Bear
    Tonetare Bear

    This isn't even a match. One person was in the wrong and one person was in the right. O'Day has been acting like a dirtbag all season and Arsenio hasn't and put her on blast for it. Clearly Arsenio!

  • Annie Berry
    Annie Berry

    Team Arsenio! It's about time somebody put Aubrey in her place! It's not all about her and she should know that!

  • JJL2U

    Hmmm, reluctanly on Aubrey's team, if push came to shove, she's self absorbed, sharp tongued, but quick witted, and smart. She makes most of the other competitors look pretty clueless, as far as coming up with ideas and seeing them through. She does need to learn how to be a better team player. But Arsenio went ballistic, got VERY UGLY, then even after winning, still had to take it several steps further. He's showed that he's not all smiles, and will verbally smack a lady up side the head, and even kick her while she's down. Face it, he should man up, and apologize for his poor behavior. She was instrumental after all, in the victory that landed his charity a nice sized check. Two wrongs don't make a right!

  • JJL2U

    Can I say neither? Aubrey is full of herself, that's a given. She's immature, says what's on her mind, as if it's so important that she just has to get it out. That said, she is incredibly talented, smart, and full of ideas as well, most of them very good. She has style, taste, confidence, quick wits (although, again, a very sharp tongue which gets her on others nerves and into trouble) ability and moxie, which many of the other "stars" lack. Tia and Arsenio when ticked off, come across as VERY smug when they are upset. Tia and Arsenio are good background team players that step up from time to time. However, Aubrey steps up, EVERY time. She can do that because despite her having to improve on working better with others, she is one of the most talented people on the show, and it well, shows. Arsenio didn't "manage" Aubrey very well. If he is in fact such a nice person, he really should have pulled her aside, kindly said how he appreciates her input and good ideas, but he is/was the project manager and that she should respect that. He DID NOT do that at the proper time. I think he was so taken aback by Aubrey's off colored comments about him walking away from the (show) business, that he had a chip on his shoulder/punch in the gut, that he didn't recover from. He pouted during the photos, and then wasn't happy with the ones of himself. So, when in the board room, he decided to nuke her, even though her ideas were KEY to their winning the task. She has behaved badly on the show at times, but she gets over things pretty quick, heck, she mended the fence with Debbie Gibson. Arsenio got VERY UGLY, he didn't didn't man up when he should have. Instead, he verbally abused a woman, the one who was instrumental in his charity getting a big check. He should wise up, man up, and apologize for his numerous mean spirited outbursts.

  • Robby C
    Robby C

    Arsenio 110 mother f**cking %

  • lollipop

    Arsenio for sure

  • Bbjb

    Arsenio, All the way! He only said what the rest of us wanted to!

  • Real Red
    Real Red


  • Victoria Hatfield
  • Elizabeth

    Definately Arsenio! Aubrey is a self centered brat!

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Arsenio with out hesitation!!! How can anyone not think that she did not deserve that dress down. She is so full of herself. I can see why Diddy dumped her. Hope she does not return to the show,it will be much more enjoyable to watch.


    Trump must have been reincarnated from the Ancient Roman days. He’s using A list actors as modern day Gladiators to play in his arena called New York City. I enjoy watching these so called A list actors and reality show celebrities attack each other to win for their charities. May the best man win.

  • Sara


  • Sharla1871

    Team Arsenio-definitely!! FINALLY someone shut Aubrey's mouth. NEXT- BIG LISA!!!