Salma Hayek Calls Demi Moore ‘Inspiration’: You Watch, She’ll Be Back (PHOTOS)

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Salma Hayek has Demi Moore’s back.

The Fools Rush In actress, 45, opened up to Lucky magazine about everything from Botox to her fashion essentials, but it was her comments on Demi, 48, that caught our attention. The Ghost star recently split from husband Ashton Kutcher, 34, and was later sent to a treatment facility after being hospitalized after an alleged “whip-its” incident. 

Salma, however, has full confidence in Demi’s comeback, telling the magazine: 

“[I’m] not like Demi [Moore]. She’s so disciplined, I wish I could be like that.”

She added, “You watch, Demi will be back. She’s an inspiration to all women.” 

What do you think? Will Demi make a comeback? Sound off in the comments. 

Another way she’s not like Demi, Salma admitted that she’s not a fan of surgery or Botox. “Botox, trust me I’ve been tempted—but I resist! think about what happens to your muscles—and your skin—if you’re sick and don’t move for a few days. It all atrophies! Plus, if you freeze a muscle in your face, other muscles have to compensate! And once you stop, what does that look like?” Before I can issue a rebuttal she offers another theory: “You know Latin people? African-American people? How our skin ages more slowly? Even though we’re dramatic, we move our faces, we eat higher- fat foods, we’re the ones with fewer wrinkles—it makes you wonder.”’