Stedman Speaks! Oprah's Beau Opens Up About 25 Year-Plus Relationship (VIDEO)

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After  25 years of standing silently by Oprah Winfrey's side, Stedman Graham is finally opening up about his relationship with one of the most powerful women in the world. 

In promotion of his new book Your Passport to Success, Stedman sat down with TODAY show's Matt Lauer and gushed over his gal, calling her "special" and referring to her as the "greatest" person. 

"I'm very fortunate to be able to have that opportunity and to learn so much from her. What I've learned from her throughout the years is that she's a thinker. She understands the process of success."
He adds, "So it's nice to have been around someone for all these years."

Matt touched on Oprah leaving her show to start her own network OWN that has not done as well as expected. Stedman responded, "Well, first year should be tough. If you've been working on a show for 25 years, you've been number one and you're starting off with the first year in developing OWN, it should be tough. You have to reorganize. ... Every year it gets better and better and better and better. That's part of the process."

Meanwhile, Oprah was owning up to her network woes on CBS This Morning on Monday. See her interview below:  

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  • OWN = NWO
    OWN = NWO

    Stedman said Oprah was developing the process for a New World Order without missing a beat. Perhaps he forgets that most people have no idea what that means...

  • Hmmm

    Also interesting how they just happened to leave that part out in the quote above...

  • Lori L. Cook
    Lori L. Cook

    Yes!! How weird is that? "Develop a new process for the new world order." Why in the world would he say that??

  • um

    Did he say 'the New World order'?