Internet Star Keith Apicary Auditions for Kimberly Cole (VIDEO)

Kimberly Cole Gets Buzz'd
Celebuzz talks to the sassy singer.
It’s no secret that the Celebuzz staffers are big fans of Kimberly Cole, so you can imagine we were ecstatic when  YouTube star Nathan Barnatt showed up to her dance auditions — in character as Keith Apicary. It’s like a virtual chunk of chocolate in our peanut butter!

Kimberly is currently casting the music video for her new song “U Make Me Wanna.” During the audition process, they were in for a big surprise!

Keith shows off some surprising dance moves that got him in the running to be in the video. He may have just found his big break! 

This is what the Internet is all about: Goofy stuff we’d never see anywhere else! Seriously, does it get any better? We especially love that Kimberly wasn’t part of the set up, it was all part of a prank that went off without a hitch. No dancers were harmed in the making of this video.