Self-Made Stars: Five of the Biggest YouTube Celebs! (VIDEO)

Celebuzz has promoted top talent emerging from YouTube, from exclusive BTS with Megan & Liz to premiering Shane Sawson’s first original song! If you’re not an active member of the video sharing site, you’re missing some of the most creative independent artists out there. Don’t know who to subscribe to? We’ve taken the work out of the process by selecting our top five picks for the very best of YouTube! 

We love Venetian Princess for her pop parodies, poking fun of “Poker Face” herself, Lady Gaga, among others. Her videos are well produced, funny, and her singing voice is top notch! Her latest is a pop culture satire set to “Yoü And I” called “The End Is Nigh.”

See who else made the cut below:

glowpinkstah (Gloria Shuri Nava): Although she has the least amount of subscribers on our list, she’s been featured on TV and has seen several of her videos go viral — her most famous being her Chola Makeup Tutorial, which got her booked on George Lopez Tonight to makeover none other than Oscar winner Sandra Bullock! Her latest is also a makeup tutorial spoofing The Hunger Games.

Michael Buckley: The fast-talking host of What the Buck? has millions of followers and makes a six-figure living off his YouTube videos, in part to ad revenue. His tri-weekly videos (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) are a mix of TV recaps and entertainment news, with his personal views adding humor to the topic at hand.

DeStorm: Celebuzz featured this popular YouTuber in our Celebrity Mailbag series, in which he revealed one of his most embarrassing moments. This YT star does it all — from sketches to music videos!

kevjumba: He’s young, he’s cute, he’s Asian! Kevin has been making videos about his personal observations that have gained an audience because of his quick wit and deadpan delivery. He’s also self-depreciative and often inappropriate. Totally crush worthy! Here are some of his dating tips:

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