Mullets & Mustaches! Andrew Garfield Goes Undercover On Ellen (VIDEO)

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From Spider-Man to Joe Dirt, Andrew Garfield took on a whole new persona while visiting the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The brunette Brit was asked to put on a blonde mullet wig and a huge mustache and sunglasses for his interview. Ellen said this was to prepare him for all the attention he’ll be getting once The Amazing Spider-Man comes out on July 3. 

This disguise is a bit more comfortable than the red suit he wore to play the superhero. Andrew, 28, confessed, “No, no, no….It’s made of something that is designed to make you irritated. I don’t know what that material name is but that’s the description underneath.”

So, how did this actor get in fighting shape for the part?

“I get frustrated with those Men’s Health magazines. It’s like in five minutes you’ll be as fit a as fiddle if you just follow those three simple steps and only eat cucumbers…this was hard work. I wouldn’t be able to do it without someone…”

Andrew’s mullet was just a blonde disguise, but his gal and Spider-Man costar Emma Stone actually did go blonde recently. Check out her new ‘do below: