Sexy, Silly & Sassy: Rihanna’s Instagram Album (PHOTOS)

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Anyone that follows Rihanna on Instagram and/or Twitter can see that the “S&M” singer is very much an open book.

The pop star definitely isn’t afraid to show off her smokin’ bod, all the while sharing her luxuriously fun and friendly times with her fans. Since joining Twitter back in 2009 –and later Instagram — the “We Found Love” singer has continued to update her followers on some of her most memorable moments.

It’s safe to say that her 2012 is well documented. From pics of her grandparents to helicopter trips to music video shoots, RiRi takes her fans around the world with her thanks to her social networking obsession. 

Most recently the 24-year-old singer has been promoting her new movie Battleship, and thus, tweeting up a storm. One of her latest posts read:

What do you think of Rihanna’s constant communication with her followers? Is it too much?