Where Are They Now? Celebs Return to the Limelight (PHOTOS)

It’s no surprise that many celebs get their 15 minutes of fame and then go unnoticed by the media’s eyes as attentions shift elsewhere. In Hollywood, fame is fleeting! Recently, a select few have made a surprising and attention grabbing comeback.

From our favorite American Pie cast to “Octomom” Nadya Suleman, these celebs made headlines back in the day — and now they are back in the limelight! Some of these stars are striking up controversy, while others are bringing back great memories from the past. 

The American Pie cast teens were the ‘it’ crowd when the first movie came out in ’99. Tara Reid was the party girl, Chris Klein was a 90’s heartthrob, and Sean William Scott was the hilarious hunk who we loved in Dude, Where’s My Car. Now they’re all back and looking great, we might add, to relive their American ways in American Pie: Reunion.

Major controversy arose when Levi Johnston got Bristol Palin pregnant during her mom’s Sarah Palin’s vice presidential campaign. The two young lovers got publicly engaged, then just as publicly separated with major drama between both families. Levi tried his hand at acting and modeling, but he eventually moved back to Alaska. Now he’s back in the news with reports that he’s soon to be a dad once again. After being together for over a year, 21-year-old Levi and 20-year-old girlfriend Sunny Oglesby are expecting a child.

Lots more more celebs are giving us a blast from the past, so check out the gallery to see who. Let us know your thoughts on “Octomom,” Shannen Doherty and more!