Dr. Drew Pinsky On Whitney Houston Death Finding: 'Do Not Close The Case' (VIDEO)

Whitney: Drugs Removed
A man says he removed drugs from Whitney Houston's hotel room. Read More »

Dr. Drew Pinsky -- a practicing physician and specialist in addiction medicine -- has used his HLN show to question the Los Angeles County coroner’s final report into the death of Whitney Houston, saying: "This still leaves open the possibility of foul play."

Dr. Drew, along with Celebuzz Editor in Chief Dylan Howard, analyzed the full coroner's report on-air Wednesday, a document that determined the 48-year-old diva died of an accidental drowning with the "effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use" as contributing factors.

"This theory that she had some sort of heart problem, I take issue with that," Dr Drew, who did not treat Houston, told his audience.

"She had mild -- not even mild -- minimal heart disease. Sixty percent coronary stenosis is something that no doctor would do anything with, because it is harmless."

The report stopped short of detailing how Houston ended up face down in a tub of "extremely hot water," that was determined to be about 12 inches deep.

Dr. Drew suggested the songstress might have suffered a seizure brought on by the use of cocaine, possibly combined with a withdrawal from alcohol and a prescription sedative.

"The theory that they are trying (to have us believe) that she must have had a rhythm disturbance in her heart, or maybe a clot that formed in one of her arteries," he said.

"Neither of which there is any evidence of in this report. That's a pure guess.

"I say there is another clue in this: her being upside down in the bathtub... and low levels of Xanax in her blood, in spite of empty pill bottles behind her bedside."

He added, "Here's a way to induce a seizure: not taking Xanax after having been on it for a period of time, the blood level goes low, (chance of a) seizure goes up.

“Cocaine induces seizure as well, cannabis is of no help here. She is on all these things that can create a seizure. Everything looks like she had a seizure and they (the Coroner's office) are not saying seizure."

As Celebuzz earlier reported, detectives found a rolled up piece of paper, a small spoon and a mirror - all items used by cocaine users - in the bathroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Feb. 11.

When Howard explained that the report stated the bathtub water was 93.5 degrees — more than six hours after she was declared dead -- Dr. Drew concluded: "I don't think they should close it (the case) as this still leaves open the possibility of foul play."

Said Howard: “This is perplexing... When she was declared dead at 3.46 in the afternoon -- the temperature of the water was not taken until later that night, at 9.35 p.m. -- and it was 93.5 degrees, six hours after she was declared dead.”

"How is that even possible?" Dr Drew queried.

"I feel that this report provides more questions that it does answers," said Howard, to which Dr. Drew responded: "I completely agree with you."

Dr. Drew Pinsky is a nationally renowned addiction medicine specialist, the host of HLN’s primetime Dr.Drew  on HLN (9pm ET & PT) and Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers on the CW. He can also be heard on the nationally syndicated “Loveline” radio program.

Whitney: Cause of Death
Whitney Houston Cause of Death
Whitney Houston died from accidental drowning. Read More »


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  • whitney fan
    whitney fan

    Whitney played the role of Rachel on The Body Guard. Had a jealous sister who hated her and wanted her dead. This would pobably be her sister-in-law,Pat Houston in real life. The jealous sister hired an assassin to kill Rachel( Whitney in the movie). Rachel(Whitney)was almost killed just before the Academy Awards and again at the Academy awards. In reality, Whitney died on the eve of the Grammys. Anyone pay any attention to the article written by Robyn Crawford concerning Whitney? How strange it was that Whitney died when she did? How her first album came out on Feb 14th? Around the time of Clive's party? Around the time of the Grammy's? It was an ORCHESTRATED thing? And she died right before Valentine's Day, right before the Grammy's, right before Clive's party? Watch the Body Guard. There's more. Seems like her death was written 20 years ago......

  • whitney fan
    whitney fan

    too many similarities between her death and the BodyGuard movie.

  • Tim

    you believing Whitney Houston was still using drugs at the time of her death means you believe what the reporters and coroners are saying that it wasn't a cover up.because even what the coroners and reporters are describing what happened don't even make any since what so ever.the autospy doesn't even make any since on how she died even if there was drugs in her system it wasn't enough to had killed her so the autospy repoters don't know what they are talking about.this is all to scary for me Whitney needs justice and needs it right away.

  • jazzylady

    You're right on the money, you should be the head investigator on this case. This is a cover up and a lot of her fans are not going for this crap they're trying to feed us. I agree whitney was using drugs but someone helped her with this one, could be clive paid someone in her camp. She was'nt in that room alone before she died.

  • Annie Bella Cormier
    Annie Bella Cormier

    There is something Very WRONG in this whole picture from day 1. Patricia even hinted on the Oprah interview, she does not know how the hell she got into the bathtub. Reason being she always took a shower that were timed with someone present. Fans from around WORLDWIDE, DO NOT want this investigation closed. PLEASE.....many of us are sure that there was another person/persons from her family/friends with her. Think about it? If you knew Whitney was in trouble even days prior to her death & she was acting strange, would you leave her alone??? On an important, stressful night with the Grammy. Don't think so. Too many twists & turns along the way. Someone/They are Guilty of foul play as was said by many Fans worldwide or even Murder. Read the posts everywhere on the net......Fans even mention who they think is involved on her family side. Everyone was in same hotel for 6wks approx. Her daughter on same floor, Nick was there as well.....So I think it's time to Investigate further. Question everyone of the family. Including Patricia, Clive, Gary, Daughter, Nick etc......We don't care about her demons, cocaine, drugs. First of all she was coming back with movie, singing etc...She would have not, not, not Overdosed to leave her daughter for one, accidental drowning is B.S.

  • Regina Matthews
    Regina Matthews

    Investigator’s Narrative Report says: Located on along the west wall, central portion were three tables with plates of food an open can of beer On night stand had a bottle of beer on it Carpet in the bedroom was soaked with water Who else was the meals for…..Whitney had taken her meal into the bathroom and food was going to be served at the pre-grammy event. Who consumed the 2 beers and some champagne? No alcohol was found in Whitney’s system. In Bathroom 1.Small Spoon with a white crystal like substance was located on the south portion of the counter in the bathroom not on night stand as kelly indicated on your show. 2.A rolled up piece of white paper from off the top of the counter along the east wall in. (No mention of any trace of white powered found on rolled up paper) 3. Located on the north portion of the counter was a ripped open plastic bag (no mention that any white powered substance was found in bag) 4.Located in the top drawer, north side of the counter were remnants of a white powdery substance, and a portable mirror on a base. On the bottom of the base were more remnants of white powdery substance. Are we to believe that Whitney kept a bag of white powdery substance in this drawer and when she went use she spilled remnants of the white powdery substance inside the drawer which also fell on the bottom of the mirror’s base? Or did she use the mirror and after she was done she put away the mirror but put away the spoon at the same time she put away the mirror? No mention that any white powdery substance was found on the counter. Bathroom floor covered with water Investigator’s Narrative Report says, Located on along the west wall, central portion were three tables with plates of food an open can of beer On night stand had a bottle of beer on it Carpet in the bedroom was soaked with water Scald burn of sacrum Minor Trauma was noted In the living room was a mini-bar. On top of it was a open bottle of champagne On the Los Angeles county department of Coroner Criminalist Report Date showing 10 February 2012 at 1906 Whitney Houston passed away 02-11-12 Perforation of posterior nasal could that have been caused by her past cocaine abuse verses the past few months? Her assistant left only for about a half hour, she underdressed in the bedroom, took a tray of food in the bathroom, took with her whatever she was going to need for her bath, filled the tub, smoked some marijuana, took some cocaine and than get into the tub in extreme hot water where she substance scald burns. Dr. Drew you mention on your show that lots of cocaine was found but report mentions only remnants were found which is a small about. this make no sense whatsoever.....

  • Regina Matthews
    Regina Matthews

    Investigator’s Narrative Report says, Located on along the west wall, central portion were three tables with plates of food an open can of beer On night stand had a bottle of beer on it Carpet in the bedroom was soaked with water

  • jazzylady

    I agree Dr. Drew, don't close this case yet.