Khloe Kardashian: Face Paint Photo Shoot In The Dominican Republic (PHOTOS)

Khloe Kardashian is sharing some fun photos from her family's time in the Dominican Republic. She blogged: 

I absolutely LOVE these pics from our vacay in the Dominican Republic last week!!!! I decided to put on some fun war paint with Kylie and her friends Maddy and Spencer — how cool?!?! 

Rob Scheppy helped us of course but we took turns painting one other LOL — we started our own tribe! We obviously had to do a photo shoot and created some really interesting dances! My poor little Kendall was sick so she was resting, so it was just us four.

I wish I could wear rock this look every day if people wouldn’t look at me weird! LOL. So much fun!!!



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  • Stone Vaugne Yeager
    Stone Vaugne Yeager

    heads-in-crotch-sculpture... NICE!

  • Stone Vaugne Yeager
    Stone Vaugne Yeager

    chloe dear! you look constipated! omg

  • Fanny

    I know that villa, that is Punta Minitas 34

  • lawn

    Not enough paint.