Khloe Kardashian: Face Paint Photo Shoot In The Dominican Republic (PHOTOS)

Kardashian Gals Bikini!
Kardashian and Jenner girls vacay in Dominican Republic.
Khloe Kardashian is sharing some fun photos from her family’s time in the Dominican Republic. She blogged: 

I absolutely LOVE these pics from our vacay in the Dominican Republic last week!!!! I decided to put on some fun war paint with Kylie and her friends Maddy and Spencer — how cool?!?! 

Rob Scheppy helped us of course but we took turns painting one other LOL — we started our own tribe! We obviously had to do a photo shoot and created some really interesting dances! My poor little Kendall was sick so she was resting, so it was just us four.

I wish I could wear rock this look every day if people wouldn’t look at me weird! LOL. So much fun!!!