Lena Dunham on ‘Girls,’ ‘Sex and the City’: It’s a Different Moment

Though she developed quite the following with the release of her debut feature, 2010’s Tiny Furniture, Lena Dunham is about to become even more famous.

It’s all thanks to her new HBO comedy Girls (premiering April 15), a modern look at four twentysomethings trying to figure out life in the complicated world of Brooklyn.

The show, which Lena wrote, directed and edited herself, already has a number of things in its favor (rave reviews; Judd Apatow’s seal of approval) and is poised to impact the zeitgeist the way Sex and the City did when it premiered in 1998.

Of course, a lot has changed in our culture, especially for women, since that summer of ’98, so Celebuzz had to ask: Is the fantasy of Sex and the City and wearing Manolo Blahniks dying off?

“I always want that to be the aspirational goal [for women],” she said. “I love that show. I’m wearing some very high heels as we speak that are unwalkable. I only did it because I was lucky enough to have a car taking me to do this press today. Otherwise I would be in my sneaker flats feeling slightly miss-matched like every other girl that I know.”

“But I do think that we are in a recession, and it’s a different moment; it’s in addition to something beautiful and aspirational like Sex and the City. I’m happy that we can revive sort of a counterpoint, even [though] that show, I think, is full of genuine emotions. I really respect it.”

Girls is also premiering a time when more and more female-centric projects are connecting with audiences, on both television and the big screen; last year alone, two of the year’s biggest movies – Bridesmaids and The Help - grossed over $100 million at the box office, and earned a slew of Oscar nominations.

Now, with Girls receiving glowing reviews from critics, will Hollywood finally see that women are an important demographic?

“That’s the dream, is that it would no longer be this thing where, suddenly, [Hollywood is] amazed that women have actually paid to go to the movies,” Lena said. “It feels like every couples of years, there’s a resurgence of the conversations “Women are funny” and “Women go to the movies.” I hope that in my lifetime, I will have the experience of going, ‘Oh my God, wasn’t it so funny when nobody wanted to pay for fun projects for women?'”

Of course, with all of the attention that Girls is getting, not to mention a cover profile on New York Magazine, Lena is definitely bringing those conversations back into the forefront – a tall order for a 25-year-old from New York. Still, despite everything, Lena says she doesn’t quite feel like an adult.

“That would definitely be a stretch,” she said.

Girls premieres April 15 at 10:30PM. For more info, visit the show’s official website!

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