Leonardo DiCaprio’s Career Evolution Through The Years (PHOTOS)

Leo Suits Up On Set
Leo, Tobey McGuire & Carey Mulligan on set of Great Gatsby
Over the last two decades, very few actors have steadily grown up before our eyes on screen as Leonardo DiCaprio has. 

To celebrate the re-release of one of Leo’s biggest films, Titanic in 3D, this week, Celebuzz is taking a trip down the last 20 years to revisit Leo’s most impressive and best roles to date!

From his role as an uncredited actor on Roseanne to his soon-to-be released film The Great Gatsby, Leo’s movie roles have spanned into some of the most memorable pop culture characters. Check out the gallery above to see his filmography thus far!

Although Mr. DiCaprio was absent from the premiere of Titanic 3D last week, it’s not without cause, as he is currently filming Django Unchained with director Quentin Tarantino. Co-star Kate Winslet kept her promise of “never letting go” of Leo again in spirit as she stunned in her custom-made gown at the premiere.

Check out Leo on set for Baz Luhrman’s adaption of The Great Gatsby HERE and don’t forget to stay tuned to Celebuzz for updates on Leo’s upcoming movie roles and more celebrity news as they come in!