Ross Matthews & Beau Salvador Camarena Talk Redecorating & Starting a Family — Will Ross Be a Pageant Dad? (EXCLUSIVE)

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TV personality Ross Matthews and his longtime beau, stylist Salvador Camarena, recently opened their home to interior decorator Jeff Lewis for Bravo’s Interior Therapy and there were some hilarious (and stunning!) results.

The remodel of Ross and Sal’s garage at their Los Feliz home proved to be quite difficult thanks to round the clock construction, but don’t worry — fun was had along the way by all!

Celebuzz chatted with Ross and Sal about what it was like to have Jeff redecorate for them, their ideal house guests, and if they’ll be starting a family any time soon.

What was the worst part of your home renovation?
Sal: Any time you do any kind of renovation there’s like that light at the end of the tunnel…you hope. But to get there you got to take a sledge hammer to everything you know to be true. So it was scary, but still worth it.

Were some of your inspiration behind your renovation?
Ross: The inspiration really…it’s a home that (Sal?) and I bought after we were together for a bit but we just had the picture that Ihad. What was really exciting was to create a space with Jeff that had both my stamp and [his].
Sal: The thing with Jeff is that he really does listen and is really super detail oriented and takes that to next level when he does create a space for a couple. That’s something you guys will probably see [tomorrow].

How long was the process?
Sal: I would say it was a full week.The hardest part for me was the construction part of having to hear the noise. Like going to bed at 1 am and hearing them jackhammer and waking up at 6am or 7am and still hearing them jackhammer. It’s probably the most like ‘is it ever going to end?’ kind of a deal. I would say that would be the roughest part of the construction. Plus I don’t like waking up earlier so that was never fun [laughs]
Ross: It was such a rushed job. We spent like a few days talking about what we wanted and 3 days of construction for pretty much 24 hours a day.

What was is like working with Jeff?
Sal: I actually had never seen the show. I had seen bits and pieces of the Bravo show before, but I try not get caught up in things like that. I love Jeff’s sense of humor, I think it’s awesome. And throughout the whole process, me being a stylist and him being an interior designer, I learned a lot from him just watching him to his craft. The way he dresses a room the way he does is the way I would dress a person. So I really related to that visual sense of artistry that he has. I just took it like a huge learning experience for myself.
Ross: I had know of Jeff and had seen him so I was a little petrified of him. He has a very strong reputation. He was everything that I thought he would be and more in terms of his dark sense of humor. What surprised me is that he has a really deep heart.

What can you tell us about your show in development over at E!, Ross?
Ross: We’re developing it right now and what I want is something like a half hour LOL. I can’t get into specifics, but I’ve always wanted to talk show host my entire life so any elements of talking to celebrities those elements will be in there.
Sal: I’d love to do some fashion expert stuff on there. Jeff hired me as a stylist so i don’t know if that makes the episode or not.

Have you had a housewarming party or anything yet?
Ross: We’ve had a couple. We’ve had a date night there and movie night.

If you could have any celebrities over, who would they be?
Ross: Oprah. Gwenyth, Liza, [laughs]. Chelsea [Handler]. That would be a fun group.

No Angelina Jolie? We know you love her!
Ross: We love Angelina, she’s always welcome!

Living together is a big step, have you guys talked about starting a family?
Ross: That’s always been a common goal of ours. That was something that was always important to us when we initially met. They’re definitely in
our future. But we’re both career focused right now.
Sal: I grew up with three older brothers, so I can see myself being a cool little league dad [laughs]. And Ross would love a little girl to put in pageants.
Ross: I’m going to name her Chardonnay, and we will bring home that blue ribbon!

Make sure you tune into Interior Therapy when it airs on Bravo Wednesday night to see the final results of Ross and Sal’s remodel!