Snooki's Fiance Jionni LaValle Accused of Cheating On 'Shore' Star While She's Pregnant: Report

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Is there trouble in Jersey Shore paradise?

The tabloid National Enquirer is claiming that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's fiance and father to her expectant baby has been running around on the 24-year-old reality star. The publication is reporting that Jionni LaValle, 24, has been cheating on his pregnant wife-to-be with his ex-girlfriend and now gal pal Erica Wecksler, reportedly a 22-year-old fashion merchandiser in New Jersey. 

If true, this will come as a shock to many as the couple just wrapped up shooting their Jersey Shore spin-off show alongside Jenni "JWoww" Farley and her longtime beau Roger.

But the National Enquirer's source won't let up, telling the tabloid, "Erica says Jionni was carry­ing on a ‘hot and heavy’ affair with her right up until last fall. She re­cently told a friend, ‘We were seriously hooking up all sum­mer and Jionni considered me to be his girlfriend – not Snooki!’”

Looks like he was also "hooking up" with Snooki as well, seeing as she's pregnant and all.

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  • benito

    yes hes cheating!!!! what Boyfriend wouldnt care if his girl is cheating on him..

  • Toni-ann Campbell
    Toni-ann Campbell

    snookie and vinny forever. jionni better enjoy his 15 minutes of fame cause its obviously the only reason he is still around

  • Belinda Jackson
    Belinda Jackson

    I believe it. Maybe that is why when Mike told him about hom and Snooki he didn't seem to really care.

  • Jessica Adkins
    Jessica Adkins

    I wouldn't doubt it. That's why he didn't even care when Mike told him they messed around and why he stayed with her after sleeping with <3 Vinny <3 Because he was doing other chicks and he knew it!

  • Annie Gouge'
    Annie Gouge'

    yeah..........the guys were right!!!! tsk tsk

  • Linda Walsh
    Linda Walsh

    Of course he`s cheating on her!! He`s only there cos she`s on tv he`s a FAME HUNTER that became clearly obvious when she slept with Vinnie and gave Mike a bj and he accepted that!! No decent man would put up with getting humiliated on national tv like that unless there`s something in it for him! FAME!!!!