Tori Spelling Defends Jessica Simpson Over Weight Gain: 'People Need to Lay Off!' (EXCLUSIVE)

Tori Is Pregnant!
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Expectant mom-of-three Tori Spelling has leapt to the defense of super-pregnant Jessica Simpson amid criticism from talk show host Joy Behar that she was "fat."

In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, 38-year-old Tori -- who announced last month that she expecting her fourth child, just five months after giving birth -- said:

"When women are pregnant, people need to lay off. It's a really special time and you should be able to deal with it in your own terms." 

On The View Tuesday, Behar, 69, said: "Most women who are pregnant are not supposed to gain more than 25 pounds. She (Simpson) looks like she gained a lot more than that."

Tori encouraged Simpson, a judge on NBC's Fashion Star, to maintain her fashionista style in the final few weeks of her first pregnancy to former NFL star, fiancĂ© Eric Johnson.

"You just have to wear it proud and go with it," the mom of three -- Liam, 5, daughter Stella, 3-and-a-half and five-month-old Hattie -- told Celebuzz.

Tori added, "Every body is different. As far is weight, you never know what is going to happen. You can't control what angle people are snapping your photo from."

Tori, who was in New York City to promote her latest book CelebraTORI, gushed about her own pregnancy, confessing that her fourth is indeed much different.

"My pregnancy is going great. Knock on wood, this has been my best pregnancy. I've been feeling great. With the first three pregnancies, I was super sick all the time and nauseous," she said.

But don't expect her to be craving anything in particular!

"Craving is an overrated word! Basically when you're pregnant, you're very hungry. You're eating for two people. That's the bottom line -- and any food sounds good."



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  • Prasanna

    She's not ALWAYS pregnant. My odelst is only 3 months older than hers & my 4th will be born before her 4th. I'm not ALWAYS pregnant, so there is no way she is either. Stop being so ignorant. Even if she was always pregnant, whay is it to you? My 3rd pregnancy I had no morning sickness. This pregnancy is my only one I have felt braxton hicks with. Those are the two big differences. Other than that all 4 pregnancies have been pretty much the same.

  • Guest

    hahaha her boobs are all the way under her arms. That baby will never go hungry with a milk machine like that.

  • Kathy Miranda
    Kathy Miranda

    ppl really?! WTF(why the F*ck) do we hold celeb moms so high for? i mean really come on like half of women who are prego dont gain weight? really ppl get a life bc guess what if they never got famous they would be prego moms waiting for that lil one to come stop taking what is a specail time away from them!

  • Gina Fuller Hurst Massari
    Gina Fuller Hurst Massari

    I agree. Who's business is it anyway. I had four children. I gained 45-50 lbs with each and lost the weight after each child. They were all born very healthy and I had wonderful pregnancies. Butt out.

  • Tracy

    That makes Joy Behar a bully.