Whitney Houston’s Toxicology & Autopsy Report Released: ‘White Crystal-Like Substance Found’

Whitney: Drugs Removed
A man says he removed drugs from Houston's room. Read More »

The Los Angeles County coroner's office has released Whitney Houston full toxicology and autopsy report -- Celebuzz is breaking down the key findings.

In the 42-page document, it is reported that a "spoon with a white crystal-like substance on it" and a "white powdery substance" -- later tested for cocaine -- were found in the suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Other developments include:

  • A Beverly Hills Police Department detective said he found a "small spoon with a white, crystal-like substance in it and a rolled up piece of white paper." 
  • He also said, "located in the top drawer ... were remnants of a white powdery substance and a portable mirror on a base." 
  • First responders found Houston, 48, "lying supine on the floor in the central portion of the living room floor." Earlier, she had been pulled out of the bathtub by an assistant and bodyguard who found her "face down" in the water.
  • Evidence collected from the scene included a "plethora of prescription medication bottles, prescribed to the decedent, multiple blister packs and a loose tablet." Other medication bottles and loose tablets were also collected. 
  • Toxicology testing showed cocaine, benzoylecgonine , cocaethylene, marijuana, alprazolam (Xanax), cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), and diphenhydramine (Benadryl).
  • During the autopsy, it was discovered that she had perforated nasal septum.
  • The autopsy showed atherosclerotic heart disease (a condition in which plaque builds up inside the arteries).
See the full report below:

The death was classified as an accidental drowning -- with no foul play suspected -- though atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use were listed as contributing factors.

In a recent interview, the diva's mother blasted media reports that her daughter died broke.

“Whitney did not die broke. She’s not broke. She’s not anything … None of that crap,” Cissy Houston said in an exclusive interview on My9′s The 10 O’Clock News, that aired Monday.

“They think they know everything,” she said, referring to the tabloids. “These people don’t know anything about her. The media doesn’t know what they are talking about.”



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  • Anvar

    philbill43 I wouldn't mind her prnivog me wrong, but I think the meth and/or coke (whether crack or free-base) smoking has permanently damaged her lungs, if not her vocal cords (with less capacity she can no longer force the volume of air through them needed to hit some of those notes, so it *could* be her throat's still fine and she just needs aerobics and cardio workouts to regain the voice').

  • Iir

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    Yuk. Doped up and out of it. Yeah we all have choices. She made hers.

  • Stookie

    Terrible. She looks really doped up. She just completely lost her looks, voice and obviously her mind.

  • Juan

    She look really bad. Why people worship drug users? She die because she use too many drugs. No person to glorify.

  • Len

    Yikes, she looks awful. Really bloated and sweaty. Druggies never die with dignity

  • Donna

    Wow she just looks so bad. A self-destructive person who died a very disgraceful death.

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    No suprise here. Drugs was the cause??? Who woulda thought....

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  • Fixxy

    Unfortunatly Vettech15.Life Can be a real B.... Sometimes,Im not having a go or trying to make u look silly and naive,No im desperatly trying to Inform those people who hav'nt been (peer pressured,forced,Naive frm Lack of knowlege,People that are addictive natured and people using these Hard drugs Which in her case was what 1 major factor the Coke or maybe also had been changed to freebase "Crack" from one description.Now most the Rest apart from weed were Prescription Drugs,Now concidering she as u said is a celebrity,So Lets say she walks into the nearest doctors to get i.e. Valium,Nitrazepam for Anxiety lets say k.Now who has the prescription pad?well its not her its the Doctor who is no way gunna give up the chance as having her as a patient (especially cause most of this is private Doctors which means £££££ and suddenly £££,£££s a.k.a. Whitney Houston!,Thats that Doctor sorted as long as hes signing the scripts she'll continue....Get hooked on Benzo's (valium etc) which on a sharp stop of there intake without detoxing can kill!. Its probably easier I'd say if u had an amount of tablets an a hardly stepped on at all,IF at all Strong flake of charlie It would be easier to get hooked on the tabs cause the tolerence that builds with tablets as these is fast so more n more is needed to even get a feeling off them.Now Im sorry but being that blunt to tell people to use there brain,well That is the whole problem.When your brain becomes in such a mix and muddle of pain,regret,fear,low self estime etc etc and of course mourning a friend / loved one,how ever you say took the drug maybe just on curiosity,which is'nt so stupid as you would think.When I was at a vunerable stage like in my teens,(I regret the age clarifier already lol) What was there to stop you to do drugs,or to stop even to entertain the idea.I'll Tell you,obviously the whole drugs are Bad talk u may or not get from your family etc,now ever gone against your parents or gaurdians will.Just to stick it to them? Or thought,they dont have lives its diff now so im gunna choose myself??.(I didnt get that talk but everyone gets it on the grapevine at some point Marajuana <---EVIL So all Drugs <---DEVIL delinquent youth in anarchy,"Oh says the government but the Alcohol & cigarettes <---course there OK,*course they are u tax scrooge golden pool wealthy Murderers from Smoking and alcohol related deaths (R.I.P J.Sealey!).but ok so there was talk in non famous living standards,There I remember was 2 adverts on every once in a blue moon "HEROIN SCREWS U UP" was one,WOW that one really detered me! yeah ok!.Now These people Who-ever and how-ever they unknowingly got taking it,Suddenly find they can deal with issues or stress or whatever or thats what your "Own Brain" is decieving yourself cause u are not dealing with anything your creating a cushion and a Firewall in effect against Incoming Situations,which will need to be dealt with one day and Suppressing and even forgetting life changing events,this with the continuous rituals involved in habitual drug use keep you active enough to stay in this safer less frantic world.So there not thinking of the fans people i knew or know werent doing it knowing it was gunna tear familys apart.There brains were trying to cope and your at battle with yourself once on the brink of HELL and your brain knows it really but you become such a manipulative being you can convinse yourself to do the unfortunatly quicker than fixing the oncoming hell and not touching it again,which is to get more cause its still your mind there are 2 sides in essence but when a cold turkey from heroin comes along an skin is itching,no sleep for days an proper sleep dosnt return 4 a LONG time an sickness etc etc an lots more etcs,Both sides of your head will Wave a little white flag and do the next fix or smoke the next rock/sniff the line,and at the end you pretty much gotta be a super human in self control to get outta bed without the cloud around you and then it all comes back,to be dealt with.On emotions Not been felt 4 years usually.I guess by now u think maybe this guy is just a junkie throwing the toy out the pram,and Yeah I blatently went through it all,still have nightmares waking screaming in fear or hellish thoughts i've lost most of the group I grew up with or hung round with to suicide,Drink Driving accidents,Overdoses & alcohol poisoning! (still ask not to wake up 4 the next morning after 4 years) SO with this in hindsight Its a personal not at all targeting in peoples thoughts were they thinking,Do u think I would be that stupid no actually Evil to put my life of torments in the way of my own family?.NO is the word"Use your Brain" you said well Im currently remembering the suicide of my first crush on a girl who was in secondry school,whilst I was in the Infant/primary school.Thats correct my mind covered that up an I had forgotten outta my minds unconcious choice to bury it till NOW! So IS or Isnt it not hard? I know my answer,Being your own worst enemy is something I hope U or anyone wont have to go through in these circumstances!

  • vettech15

    Why do celebs think it's okay to use drugs because they have the money to? They don't think of their families, let alone their fans!! Now heartache is going to be forever in Whitney's death. When are they going to learn, they're not super human, and if using too much of something, they're going to die... Use your brain people! It's not hard!