Zac Efron Shows Off Bulging Biceps on Cover of Men's Health!

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Looks like Zac Efron has his tickets to the gun show!

The Lucky One star graces the cover of Men's Health magazine for its May issue, and has definitely come a long way since his High School Musical days! Flaunting his beefy arms, the 24-year-old's cover was posted on the Facebook page of Men's Health for a nice little preview, even though it doesn't hit stands until April 17.

What do you think of Zac's jacked up biceps?

Do you like him all muscled up? Or do you think it's too much? Let us know in the comments!



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  • shee

    Yeah, I must agree. His left arm looks a little bit photoshopped while my friends and I were reading the MH issue, we all wondered how the heck do you get an arm like that? is that a vein? or is that a muscle? WTH?

  • Jason McGill
    Jason McGill

    Too bad he looks like a cartoon, left arm the most! LOL

  • danielleakame

    ok what happened to his arm...that doesnt look realistic at all...

  • candy

    Wow!!! They went overboard on photoshopping his left arm.

  • Beverly Ann Clark
    Beverly Ann Clark

    I am in love with him not as a body or his looks I and not as abs.he is a good person to me and fun and nices and friendly and cool and fun to play around with and as good person to family and friends and pets and others he care a lot and more and kids and baby's to happy, love ,live to be around with,handsome and nices,sweet,

  • Beverly Ann Clark
    Beverly Ann Clark

    Zac Efron I like to asking you to be my boyfriend with me.zac Efron give me a good life best 4 ever for me.