Before She Was Katniss: Jennifer Lawrence Bares All For Esquire Magazine (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Katniss & Peeta Kiss!
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Before she was the biggest breakout star of 2012, Jennifer Lawrence was an Oscar nominee and an Esquire magazine beauty. During her award season run for her starring role in Winters Bone, The Hunger Games beauty did a seriously sexy shoot for a 2010 issue of Esquire magazine. 

Soak and wet and poured into skin-baring swimsuits, JLaw, 21, has no problem showing her sexy side as this video reveals. Esquire already knew back then she was a star in the making, calling the spread: "You Have Now Heard of Jennifer Lawrence."

Jennifer certainly has an audience now as she's taken on the lead role in The Hunger Games as Katniss. 

It is this story where we learn how JLaw was discovered. The actress recalls that while visiting New York from Louisville with her mom seven years ago "a guy asked to take my picture. We probably should have realized how creepy that was." 

It was this moment that led her to landing an agent an in turn her Oscar nominated and blockbuster roles. The actress admitted to the magazine in 2010, "I'm excited to be seen as sexy."

What do you think of Jennifer's photo shoot? Do you prefer posing as a sex kitten, or the girl next door?



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  • Nothing Here to See
    Nothing Here to See

    I've watched your responses thoughout this article. You seem to be an obsessive compulsive masturbater. You've made your point on how much you love women's bodies and how much you love defending spank magazines. That's blatantly obvious and I'm 100% correct. Great, congrats. You seem to be very proud of yourself and have a need to publicize your love of spank material.

  • Nothing Here to See
    Nothing Here to See

    It's nothing new. These women/men are just trying to make some cash. If someone came up to you and offered you 10's of thousands of dollars to strip down for a magazine, I'm sure you'd do it too. Money talks and when actors are trying to make a name for themselves, or keep up their lifestyle/expenses, you can be darn sure they'll do whatever is necessary.

  • Dustin Washout Guest
    Dustin Washout Guest

    I love how the women (and some men) here try to shame a woman for embracing her sexuality and are so ashamed of their own bodies that they need to bash anyone for doing a nude scene of photoshoot. Do you guys go to the art museum and just get disgusted with all those long-dead naked female models in the the paintings or statues?

  • Dustin Washout Guest
    Dustin Washout Guest

    Since when is 19 "barely legal"? 18 is barely legal. at 19, it's been AT LEAST an entire year since she was legal.

  • Dustin Washout Guest
    Dustin Washout Guest

    Yeah, how dare she be sexy! Is it fun hating women?

  • JennyFan

    girl shut up! you ARE jealous. only jealous bimbos like you say shit like this. Get over it, Jenny is a million times hotter than you'll ever be. So WHAT if she posed for esquire in a friggin bikini. It's not like she posed for playboy. It's NOT trashy.

  • Hannes

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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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  • TPC

    guys buy esquire to jerk off? i think you're just jealous. by all accounts Jen is one cool, down to earth and yes, beautiful young lady.

  • Dustin Washout Guest
    Dustin Washout Guest

    I like how they WAY oversell these. She doesn't bare all. Not even close.

  • Dustin Washout Guest
    Dustin Washout Guest

    It's hilarious when women like you are so terrified of any sort of sexuality. She looks amazing in these.

  • redcake

    dude let me put it this way, if you had a body like that, you'd be crazy not to get your photos taken for Esquire magazine in your bikini! plus, she is absolutely perfect, her face is so beautiful, she has the whole package. Nothing wrong with these photos at all, it looks sexy in a nice way, not a trashy way. Go Jen, so proud of you ! :)

  • mileyismylife

    her body is beyond amazing and she's so beautiful! super jealous of her.

  • mileyismylife

    SHE IS SO PERFECT ! i wish i looked like Jen, she is amazing.

  • ziggR

    Alot of trashing Esquire. Magazine is awesome in my opinion, girlfriend always reads it with me too.

  • marie

    actually, she's not desperate at all! She's a Oscar nominated, has plenty of work, is an actress in high demand and even these photos (damn, she's sublime!) will not change that. Jealousy, when you hold us!

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  • agelessmatecom

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  • Leila

    posing for this mag that pervs buy to jerk to is such a trashy move whether a faux pas or not. Geez... and to think she was 19 at that time (barely legal). Did any of her management team or parents advise her on this? Fashion mag and art mags is one thing but a print known for a "certain market" is another.

  • Mallory

    I am shocked and disappointed that she did these photos! She just looks like every other desperate actress out there who parades around in next to nothing for mens magazines to make themselves relevant.

  • Jemma

    Nope not jealous! Lol! She is really over rated in every department in my opinion. And these photos are trashy...fact!

  • Ally

    jealous much?

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  • Luka

    She has just gone down in my estimations! I thought she wasnt like that..but I guess she is!

  • Jemma


  • J

    GODDDAMMM. She looks hotttt! Go Jennifer!!!!!

  • Sheri He
    Sheri He

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  • X

    Actually. She was probably just as annoyed as you are about it. After her role in Winter's Bone she wasn't finding much opportunity for other roles because a lot of people thought she couldn't play a feminine role. She said in an article (I can't remember which one I read) that she finally resorted to putting on a swim suit and to do this shoot to show people she could be feminine. It actually helped her get the role of Mystique in X-Men.

  • marie

    oh, it's not too serious .. all great actresses have committed a faux pas or a bad taste thing at some point in their career .. it's not like she had posed nude for playboy or if she had played naked in a movie in sexy scenes when she was a teenager ... what matters is that she is an actress whose talent is respected and recognized by critics and the public.

  • psychosis13

    People are too sensitive about swimsuits. Geezus XD You'd think she exposed her tits and spread her legs like a Playboy model. I think she looks hot *shrugs* definitely not something that makes me think less of her, if any normal person was offered money for a bikini shot they'd most likely say yes.

  • Jenner

    Eww! Esquire?! I thought she is a serious actress and not trashy one. Posing for this mag makes her the same level as Ashely Greene (a downgrade for sure)... she could have posed for fashion mags or other gentlemen mag and not this. Desperate much?