Blake Lively Caught in Steamy (And Dangerous!) Love Triangle in Star-Studded 'Savages' Trailer (VIDEO)

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Looks like some guys will do anything to keep Blake Lively safe!

In the first trailer for Oliver Stone's latest film, Savages, we get a look into the gritty world of love, drugs, and what lengths some men will go to in order to save their (shared) girlfriend. The ensemble cast boasts talents such as John Travolta as a federal agent, Salma Hayek taking on the role of a fiesty member of a drug cartel, while Battleship's Taylor Kitsch and Kick Ass star Aaron Johnson play drug dealers trying to save their gal from said drug cartel (Lively).

So, when will Savages hit the big screen?

You can check it out on July 6. Until then, watch the trailer, then let us know what you think in the comments!



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