Dave Franco Strips Down for Child Safety PSA (VIDEO)

James Franco Airport Style
James Franco arrives in DC
Shirtless Celebrity Beefcakes
Buff Hollywood bods on full display.
While James Franco is off getting in touch with his inner-Kevin Federline, his little brother, Dave, has taken over duties as the hottest Franco in Hollywood.

In fact, Dave, 26, showed a lot of skin – too much, perhaps? – in this new child safety video, in which he warns parents dealing with celebrity-obsessed children. So, just how much skin does he reveal? You’ll have to watch the video to find out …

Okay. Once you do, you’ll see that the whole thing is just a joke for Complex magazine, allowing the 21 Jump Street star to show off his comedic timing, in addition to his, um, other stuff. Clearly, comedy and good looks run well in the Franco family!

Check out the hilarious PSA in the video above!

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