Get Kendall Jenner's Geometric Makeup Look!


Steal this look! Kendall Jenner's makeup artist friend shares his interesting makeup secrets, blogging

Hey everyone! Rob Scheppy here! Kendall asked me to post a guest blog teaching you guys how to recreate this fun makeup look I did on her on vacation, so here I am!! Whether you’re on spring break or summer vacation, changing up your makeup and playing with color is fun! I was inspired by the girls in the Dominican Republic and the beautiful surroundings of the island.

I have a palette from Makeup Forever that has a variety of cream colors like turquoise, red, silver, gold, pink, and blue. I just used a small brush and drew little shapes around the eye following the natural contours of the face. I start with creating several different lines where you would draw your eyeliner and going away from the usual placement by adding lines and extending them beyond the eyelid using a different color each time. It might help if you have an idea before hand. If you make a mistake or don’t like it, it comes off really easily. Geometric shapes are probably the easiest but you can try anything, really. I even used glitter on top of some of the colors to make them pop more. Add a few braids in your hair or a colorful scarf to complete the look!

Send us your pics on Twitter if you try this look on yourself with the hashtag #KendallMakeup

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  • Christine

    It's okay. I don't know who'd wear makeup like that though unless you plan to join the circus.

  • Jade Valentine
    Jade Valentine

    im guessing kendals makeup artist friend is supposed to be a professional so im guessing yeah her work should look professional

  • x

    did beth say that she said that she could do it better no! so your comment is silly

  • x

    look how much i care:

  • Rachael Michelle Bullock
    Rachael Michelle Bullock

    well i'd like to see you do it then. How silly your comment. Does everything have to look professional for one? And also, I think it looks prof.

  • Rachael Michelle Bullock
    Rachael Michelle Bullock

    i like this, it gives a whole new perspective on makeup

  • Beth Huddleston
    Beth Huddleston

    I'm actually not a fan of the makeup at all it doesn't look professional.