‘It’s Hard To Raise One Child, Let Alone 14’: HLN Host Defends Octomom's Decision to go on Welfare (VIDEO)

Octomom Reacts to Photos
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Award-winning television journalist and bestselling author, Jane Velez-Mitchell takes questions from Celebuzz reader’s on the latest celebrity news!

Jane addresses the backlash Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has received for going on welfare, and sort of has her back. “Octomom did a very irresponsible thing but we can’t punish her children, they have to eat,” Jane says.

Check out the above video to hear more of Jane’s responses to this hot topic. What's your take on Nadya's welfare decision? Get in on the conversation! You can catch Jane on her hit show Jane Velez-Mitchell airing at 7 PM EST on HLN. It it here that she tackles the most controversial events with a wide range of viewpoints.  Check out HLNtv.com for more details.

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  • Staci Rumbough
    Staci Rumbough

    Things happen "ONLY" because God allows them too. Those kids are here on earth for a reason! Don't Judge! The reason COULD VERY WELL BE FOR OCTO MOM or FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

  • vettech15

    You know, it's her own fault for having 14 kids! and keeping them all.. I don't know how the Duggar Family did it with 19, but being on a show actually does help pay the finances. I myself only have one daughter, and we are on assistance because there is only one income and that is my fiancee, I myself have been looking for a job so we can get off of it, because it's embarrassing at the store. I feel like I'm being judged for being on it.. but what can you do? But on her side, stop spreading your legs and having kids when you can't afford it and need government assistance! and get on birth control!

  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    Scientific experiments for the lot of them.

  • Wynee Rodriguez
    Wynee Rodriguez

    So what are you trying to say that people like me that does have 6 kids are bad moms?because I take very well of all my kids,I have no help with them at all! I dont see how you can be the one to judge someone for having 14 kids! It just goes to show, that celeb are so dumb!Go and have kids before you go and judge someone that does take care of their kids!how give a crap that is needs some help from the gov. we people dont and will never make as much as you t."top" dogs!GOODNESS GROW UP AND LEAVE THIS POOR WOMAN ALONE!