Kristen Stewart: Her Journey to Becoming ‘Snow White’ (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart stars in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman out June 1, and the character is a departure for the rising star. Stewart, 21, known for her roles in Twilight and Into the Wild may not have been the obvious first choice to play Snow White, but there is no doubt she was the best!

Let’s take a look at her journey to becoming Snow White.

“We were looking for someone who was obviously a great actor first and foremost but also someone who’s incredibly physical,” director Rupert Sanders told Screenrant about his decision. He continued:

Everyone thinks she is Bella from Twilight. I think she’s such a good actor that she encompassed that role so well that people think that’s how she is…She’s incredibly spirited and very kind of wild and also she’s got this kind of this alchemy to her. You’re not quite sure what it is about her but on screen she’s just incredible. And when you see her act you realize why she is such a huge movie star and why she’s going to continue to get bigger.

But how did Kristen’s devoted fans feel about the part? Celebuzz talked to top fansite Kristen Stewart News to get the reaction from the fandom.

“When we first heard in December 2010 that Universal was tackling a re-imagining of Snow White, we immediately thought of Kristen,” KSN tells us. “In this story, Snow White is a blend of vulnerability and innate strength; Kristen, quite simply, perfectly embodies this character.”

Fans of Kristen’s don’t have a hard time watching her in roles outside of the Twilight franchise. KSN says:

We don’t ever feel the need to compare her new roles to Bella, especially because her characters are so vastly different. That being said, Snow White and the Huntsman provides Kristen with the opportunity to show what she’s made of as an action hero and introduce in a wider audience to her work. Snow White still allows her current fans to see a strong, positive character that won’t alienate her younger fans.

When Snow White and the Huntsman producer Joe Roth said he envisioned this to be the first of a trilogy, we couldn’t have been more thrilled! But how did Kristen’s fans react knowing she may be tied down to another franchise?

“Kristen always shows such passion for her projects and immerses herself into her roles, so it is not shocking that she would be open to another trilogy for the right project,” KSN tells us, adding:

We want to see Kristen continue to strive for a career that includes independent films as well as big studio blockbusters. Selfishly, we love this story, the genre of film and the assembled team, so we are thrilled at the possibility of living in this world for a few more years.

We love that Kristen’s fans are as onboard for this film as Celebuzz is!

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