Robert Pattinson and Lindsay Lohan Party Together in Hollywood? New Details!

Robsten in Paris!
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The rumor mill was buzzing Thursday morning after Lindsay Lohan and Robert Pattinson were photographed out at the same bar Wednesday night. Lindsay, 25, left Chateau Marmont to go to Pour Vous around midnight, a new Parisian cocktail lounge in Los Angeles where Pattinson, 25, happened to be.


Pretty much. The soon to be hotspot isn't even open yet to the public, so the owners threw an intimate gathering for friends to check it out first.

Pour Vous is being opened by the same people behind Harvard & Stone, a lounge where Rob and girlfriend Kristen Stewart were regulars at, as well as Lohan. Sources in attendance Wednesday night say that Lindsay and Rob's outing was "totally innocent" and there is "nothing more to it" than friends supporting Pour Vous, which opens this weekend.

Inside, Celebuzz is told the Bel Ami heartthrob and Mean Girls actress hung out with friends they each came with before leaving separately. Needless to say, no "French kiss or two" happened between Lindsay and Rob.

Pattinson is happily dating longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart



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  • Jenny Michel
    Jenny Michel

    Age ain't nothing but a number for these loved-up A-Listers. My BF and I both think so! He is almost 10 years older than I. We met via ~~Agelessmeet .COM~~ a nice place for younger women and older men, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other! Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends :)

  • evaluv19

    yes girl, i love the way you think!!! i'm with yooou!:)

  • wtf

    Why are you so mean to her? What has she ever done to you? I just don't understand people any more -- no respect, no values, and no understanding that they should not talk about things they know nothing about. You and people like you who feel they have the right to be hurtful just make me sad for our society.

  • wtf

    Please stop trying to act like you really know anything and leave those poor people alone. How would you feel if you were in a relationship and people were posting crap about you and acting like they knew anything at all when they really don't? How would you feel if you were in a relationship and people were saying that you were just together for publicity? How would you feel if someone made disparaging remarks about you and your loved one --- and that person had never ever even met you, spoken to you, or even been in your presence? Please think about that -- I don't understand why people are so mean and think they are "in the know". Nobody really knows, but at least those people that are supportive of their relationship are not saying spiteful things about them. Karma my friend -- karma.......

  • wtf


  • wtf

    Seriously? I would say you are really talking about yourself here for saying the things you did. They all apply to you - not KS. Try a class in reading comprehension - it might help you to not write idiotic posts.

  • Childie

    Oh and stop comparing them to other EX couples !!! Xx

  • Childie

    Hello people read ... Robert only spoke to her, jesus just cause he spoke to another women without his women it means that Robsten no longer exist?! LEAVE THEM ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kassy

    Actually "bebe" I'm not obsessed with "twilight". I've see one movie & it was the first one. The only reason i even watched that one was because they played it in school. And the only reason i posted on here is because i seen 50 comments of some whiny obsessed freaks twilight calls fans bitching. Eye roll only someone obsessed would know all the details of Kristen & Robert's relationship, so yeah nuff said.

  • Pam

    Don't you know? Everybody hates Kristen,Rob too. It's just PR! Why someone should like a "spoiled brat" as Kristen? I'm jocking,obvioulsy...but that's what this sick girls would tell you >-<

  • Pam

    What are you talking about? I like Kristen as I like Robert ,and no,I'm not Krisbian,Robsessed or Robsten,I couldn't care less about this "labels". It's not like everyone is obsessed with Kristen as you are obsessed with Rob. It's just a fact that you can't stop talking about Kristen when this article isn't even about her. Your dear friend Marie,said that Rob is not hanging out anymore with Tom and Andrew. How does she know? Andrew is dating Emma Stone,Tom is becaming a dad...everyone has their life. DEAL WITH IT! Of course I defend Kristen,since she's not some girl as Kim Kardashian,as you like to portarit her,so I'll defend her (and Rob) from stupid people's charges.

  • Lol

    LOL. Bc calling someone a "second class lesbian starlet" is most def the words of a woman who made it past the 7th grade. Also no one sees what you mean. Andrew and Tom who according to you are the height of class both have been seen greeting and hanging out with Kristen so they obviously are added to the list of people that LOVE her. But hate on because you don't look sad or pathetic.

  • GG

    @marie. Dont listen to the stupid kristen fans that,s all they say is "Kristen owns you" Most likely the same person repeating them self, i see it happening on the other sites as well. They are pathetic just like their fierce goddess.

  • Pam

    Oh Marie you're always here. Why are you talking about Kristen when we're talking about Rob? Because she owns you! Lesbian starlet? You stupid blind Nonsten believe that Kristen is a lesbian (when there isn't a single proof),but you can't believe Rob and Kristen are daiting when there are A LOT of proof. You poor Nonsten! Go back in your stupid blog. Oh and the second class starlet has 3 movies coming out this year..enough said.

  • marie

    and Andrew is dating Emma Stone now, you know what I mean?

  • marie

    "Kristen owns you" is so deep and mature .... not! poor krisbian scatterbrained, although I was a lesbian, I would have a much better taste!

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww

    Poor little robsessed girl all I hear in your comment is that Kristen owns you. It's okay. Acceptance is key. Oh and FYI Andrew Garfield was hugging Kristen over the weekend.

  • marie

    Rob should try to socialize with people a little more relevant than that ....., before dating this second class lesbian starlet, he's used to hanging out with people like Andrew Garfield, Tom Stu, brit actors and musicians cultured and talented .. .but now..

  • bebe

    hey dumb A$$ Kassy, you must be obsessed with Twilight. otherwise you wouldn't be posting crap on Twilight stories

  • Eyeroll

    1. Twilight has been "putting out movies" for 4 yrs sweets. Rob and Kris were friends for the 1st yr. Sorta kills the idea they got together to promote a movie. Also you honestly do not think people care that much if 2 actors are dating. No one is dating in THG cast and it had a 150m opening weekend. 2. How were they supposed to be together for more than the time of Twilight? They didn't know each other before that. 3. Efron & Hudgens broke up in 2010. The last HSM came out in 2008. I hardly think those 2 dates coincide.

  • agelessmatecom

    L_o_v_e__s_e_e_s__n_o__c_o_l_o_r.N_o_t_i_c_e__my_name.W_here__l_o_v_e__ out__of__walls.D_a_t_i_n_g__w_i_t_h__h_o_t__and__s_e_x_y__s_i_n_g_l_e__ _o_u_t__of__y_o_u_r__r_a_c_e____. A-g-e-l-e-s-s-m-a-t-e-&-c-o-m-

  • Kassy

    lol Can't take the truth? You must be obsessed with "twilight".

  • Hill

    I don't know where to start with you, so I won't even bother!! You are beyond help!!!

  • Kassy

    Not related to the story & i don't give a fuck.- If you any of you believe that Kristen & Robert are really dating you've lost your minds. Dating for 3 years? Twilight has been putting out movies for what 3 years? Zac & Vanessa- Dating while high school made their 3 movies & soon as it ended they called it quits. When twilight is over so is Kristen & Robert. It's called keeping relevant & them dating does just that for twilight.

  • Zoe

    I agree some "fans" make these a bigger deal than it really is. Cant believe they believe a low trash papaz website like X17. why a lot of Kristen fans are hating on Rob? wtf did he do? he loves her and is always talking good about her. I hope she stays with him, there aren't too many guys like him in the world.

  • haslinda

    bullshit..!!! do you expect me to believe that..? feel sad & sorry for Rob..poor guy! never a moment alone. and sorry about Lindsay..but i think she is the worst & terrible person to be associated with..!! sorry...!

  • jojo

    the sad things it, its robs and kristens supposed fans, that take it too far. this shouldn't even be a big deal. he wasn't spotted with anyone, but those guys. now all of sudden rob is "disrespectful" to kristen. this is the same crap all the time, they aren't seen out together. x-17 couldn't get a story, so they made one up, and the crazies latched onto it and ran.

  • rob and kris
    rob and kris

    no story..just what the media is supposed to do..whip everyone up in a freinzy just to have.. thread hits..lindsay called the paps!! rob didnt give her the time of day..he was with 3 other guys...and by the looks of the photos totally pissed!!

  • Nice Try
    Nice Try

    FFS. What is there to disprove? He was out with the guys. Maybe you've never been in a relationship but that happens. He went out for a drink 1 night with a couple of dudes and you are painting it like he's seen all the time without Kristen. Maybe they will break up someday. Maybe they won't. I don't know my own future let alone theirs.

  • Becca

    And you know their relationship will end how? You know no more about them than anyone else.

  • Morgan

    I support Rob and Kristen!!!!! Awesome young couple! I wish them nothing but the best!

  • LeKa

    Or if the relationship lasts for a very long time, some people need to just move on from the hate; and everyone should support them in a classy and adult way without all of the fights, name calling and rumors....

  • Jess

    Kristen and Rob are both young. They do not need to be attached at the hip 24/7. When it's time for the relationship to end and they move on, everyone should support them in a classy and adult way without all the fights name calling and rumors. This is just crazy how everyone is trying so hard to prove or disprove something. Just let it be.

  • jojo

    Hey Carey! Why don't you crawl back to the rest of the nonberts on twitter?

  • Lulle

    Well, I don't think he's close friends with these people. I think his association with them is mainly business oriented....but they do seem shady. Someone called x-17 in the first place and I am not so sure it's all on Lindsay. Like whether Lindsay was there or not, they paps still would have been.

  • Billie

    Kristen has been linked to Tom, Russell, Garrett, Giovanni, Taylor, Scout and more!!!! It means NOTHING! Was she making a fool of Rob because of this? NO! Has he ever made a fool of her? NO!!!!!!!! For Gods sake...think before you write!

  • Carey

    Because all women love when their man is continually linked to other women?!?! Fact: He's been seen twice with this producer and both times he has been linked with another woman. I feel sorry for Kristen. He can only treat her like this for so long. She's young but smart, she'll wise up and move on.

  • amour

    Grazie Taryn: For once again setting things straight--The guy can't even go out with friends without somebody trying to always hook him up with anyone with a heart-beat! Rob LOVES Kristen LOVES Rob..

  • Pam

    Maybe because it's not true! Who is your source,my dear Nonsten,your sick and jealous fantasy?

  • Paulie

    Seriously what are you talking about? Rob just flew to Paris the other day to be with Kristen! He cares about her alot and guess what she cares about him! Nobody has been made a fool of at all!

  • Pam

    I like both Rob and Kristen,but seriously some Krisbians and Robsessed,the most of the times,overreact. If you like Kristen,can't you be happy if Kristen is happy with Rob? If you like Rob,cant' you be happy if Rob is happy with Kristen? If Rob goes out for a couple of hours with his friends dosen't mean he's not worth of Kristen. I just can't tolerate anymore this kind of fandom. They're too much and create too much drama,when obviously there is no drama,since Rob came back home to Kristen. You should just like them,without label you with weird names and cheer in this way.

  • Carey

    Hey Taryn! Why don't you write about Rob making a fool of Kristen AGAIN with the same shady ass producer he was with when he made a fool of her with Sarah Roemer? He obviously does not care about Kristen. He only cares about going out and getting wasted.

  • kelly

    Hey Haley, Are you blind or just stupid? Maybe both. Where are the pics of him coming out of the bar with women? I see him leaving with 2 guys. Are you going to claim he’s gay too now?

  • kelly

    Hey Haley, Are you blind or just stupid? Maybe both. Where are the pics of him coming out of the bar with women? I see him leaving with 2 guys. Are you going to claim he's gay too now?

  • Liz

    I blame X-17 for making a mountain out of a molehill! I hope it has nothing to do with his friends because that would break his heart!

  • Rach

    Some losers are just grasping at straws here! I think most sane people realize that Rob can hang out with his guy friends for a couple of hours in a bar, where shock horror, other people are going to be! Then he goes back to his home to his long-term girlfriend who makes him very happy. I would call this normal!

  • Lulle

    It does come across as so shady to me. Can't say for sure since I don't know them but both times drama has been created when he's with these people. And the paps coming flying out of the woodwork. And I notice Kristen is not around when they do this. It is like they are looking to cause trouble. Yuck. I doubt Kristen gives it much thought but Rob has to be embarrassed by this crap.

  • Zia

    How is this a sh*t storm??? This is a pathetic non story! Kristen herself has been subjected to media made up non stories so I'm sure she understands!! Wasnt it just the other day she was cheating on Rob with Tom??? Did she create that sh*t storm as you call it? No. Of course not...and either does Rob. These stories are nothing to them They know each other and they know the truth!

  • liz

    LOL cry more you stupid Krisbian. Too bad Kristen doesn't give a fuck about your shitty opinion lol lol lol

  • Lara

    Rob was just hanging for a couple of hours with some guy friends! How is this in anyway a problem for anyone?? I'm sure Kristen is just laughing at all the crazy things people sprout!

  • Pam

    Bless you Jenna!! I can't with this people that believe so easly to this crap and forget about all the PDAs (between Rob and Kristen) we see very often on this same gossip site.

  • mm

    Artist Kristen Stewart ugly

  • KLe

    It is clear to me that Rob just happened to be in the same place as Lindsay. Nothing more to it. Gotta say, after seeing some fans attack Kristen's friend Scout over the weekend for no real reason....I am getting a kick out of the fact that Rob is hanging out with some lowly producer type who seems to be calling the paps whenever Rob is with this guy. Wise up, Rob! This person is not your friend. I am sure Rob is thrilled to wake up to gossip that he partied with Lindsay--aka: the biggest joke in hollywood.

  • Pam

    Seriously I can't with all this people that believe about this BS. I mean,Rob and Kristen are dating for three years,there are a lot of PDAs pictures and some of you believe so easly to this article?? Really? I hate the fact that some gossip sites portrait Rob as a cheater,when he's clearly happy with Kristen and support her like Kristen support him. It's not like every Hollywood couple cheats and splits after two months.

  • nonnie

    jesus fuc king christ on a cross kristen. dump this loser already. seriously wtf are you thinking sticking with him through the constant sh it storms he creates for himself. he's a dou che and an as shole. she's a moron to tolerate it. end of story.

  • jojo

    lmao. why is this even a big deal. rob was with two guys,you can see the two guys in that video. i noticed that some crazy kristen fans on twitter are having a field day with rob. he didn't do anything. god, this poor guy.

  • Jenna

    Rob and Kristen are together at bars more often than not actually! Who cares if Lindsay left 10 minutes after him! Rob was going home to Kristen anyway and I sure he was VERY happy to see her!! And she was VERY happy to see him!

  • Valeria

    I'd imagine it was Lindsay who called the paps! She has been known to do this type of thing before! Hardly his fault if some random calls the paps on him! I'm sure he and Kristen ignore all this drivel anyway!

  • Millie

    Seriously...another lame non story coming from a VERY unreliable source! Use your heads people!

  • Helena

    Smells like Lindsay Lohan and X-17 desperation! Stupid made up story as usual!!

  • BB

    Kristen is sexy as hell! Rob knows how lucky he is! I doubt he even spoke to Lindsay and even if he did..who cares?!!

  • Bexs

    Rob and Kristen have been happily dating for three years and live together!! They obviously make each very happy and have the same ideas about their relationship (keeping it as private as possible). This is non story.

  • Kallie

    Robs awesome! I hate that he is mentioned in the same sentence as Lindsay! She is so desperate, she probably called the paps the second she saw he was there!

  • Megan

    X-17 Suck! They made up a stupid story to make themselves more relevant.

  • spy

    Rob is beautiful and talented artist

  • jackson

    Did you people even read the story? They were not together! They each hung with their own friends! Either you don't read above a first grade level, or you just like to spout nasty things about people.

  • Lisa

    What a stupid story! Rob was at a bar with his friends and Lindsay was at a bar with her friends. Rob went home to his sexy girlfriend.

  • nader

    A failed artist Kristen Stewart

  • nader

    Robert Pattinson Most beautiful and talented and beautiful Aktar of the failed Kristen Stewart.

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    They are frequenters of the place, was a coincidence, he's fine with Kristen!!

  • psychosis13

    This isn't exactly related to this story, but I'm starting to think Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity prostitute or drug dealer lol. She seems to hang out with every guy in Hollywood, especially the questionable ones.

  • Christina

    So basically the "friends" who own the bar called the paps and get their new bar in the paper because Rob and Lindsay were there. This dude is beyond slow with the people he chooses to be "friends" with. I'm amazed they allow him to handle sharp objects. Kristen wise up and get rid of this loser.

  • Haley

    "Happily dating"? And yet he keeps doing stuff like this to her. Funny Kristen is NEVER seen coming out of bars followed by women. Class act that Pattinson. Kristen needs to dump him already.