What Fashion Trend Makes the ‘Days of Our Lives’ Cast ‘Vomit’? They Spill Their Style Secrets! (PHOTOS)

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As one of the world’s longest running show, Days of Our Lives have certainly seen plenty of fashion trends come and go. So when the current cast of the NBC soap opera donned on their best duds for a glamourous photo shoot at Los Angeles’ Charlie Hotel, Celebuzz wasted no time in getting the dirt on what trend really made them sick to their stomach.

“The thing I hate the most that people wear are those Affliction shirts,” said resident hunk Schuyler Yancey, who plays Cameron on the hit show. “Guys wearing those shirt or any kind of bedazzled jeans makes me want to vomit.”

His co-star, Casey Deidrick, was also quick to give his cents on this flashy fashion fad. He quipped, “If you wear studded shirts, just take it off. Anytime I see someone wearing Ed Hardy, I just want them to take it off immediately!”

As for style must-haves? The cast all agreed on keeping it casual.

“I totally approve and encourage coloring outside the line of style,” Kate Mansi told us. “I think every guy should have a leather jacket and a hoodie to wear under it. For chicks, I really like the blend of feminine style with a little bit of masculinity together.”

Her co-star Schuyler couldn’t agree more, telling Celebuzz, “For ladies, I like women in dresses. I guess I’m a little old school that way.”

Do you agree with these Days of Our Lives hotties? Check out their stylish photo shoot in the gallery above, then tell us your styles dos and don’ts in the comments below!