Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Goes On Vacation With 'Adopted' Brother

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Whitney Houston’s surviving daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has flown to Mexico for an Easter weekend vacation with her "adopted brother" and reported boyfriend Nick Gordon, it’s being reported. 

Joining Bobbi, 19, and Nick, 22, on the trip are Whitney Houston’s brother Gary and sister-in-law, Pat, according to Forbes.

The holiday comes less than 24 hours after a final Los Angeles County coroner's report was handed down.

It described how the singer, 48, was discovered submerged face-down in a water-filled bathtub of her Beverly Hills hotel suite, with drug paraphernalia near by. 

Despite a denial that the late pop star's only child is engaged to Nick — who Houston took in when he was 12 years old and raised him and Bobbi Kristina as "brother and sister" -- the pair are dating, a source close to the pair told Celebuzz.

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