Zac Efron Reveals His Biggest Regret

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A guy like Zac Efron is living every young man's dream with Hollywood as his playground, but the heartthrob recently admitted to one of his biggest regrets in life.

Not only is the 24-year-old successful in his acting career, but he has millions of adoring fans, and has managed to date some pretty cute girls along the way, including Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins. However, in a recent interview with Women's Health, the High School Musical star admitted there is something in life that he wish he had to the chance to do.

Any guesses?

When asked what his biggest regret was, Zac replied: "Not going to college."

Zac graduated high school in 2006 (the same year High School Musical shot him to superstardom) and was already accepted to both USC and UCLA, and ultimately deferred enrollment to USC. However, Zac hasn't really had to time to go to college, considering he's starred in two HSM sequels, as well as a string of box office hits including Hairspray, 17 Again, and The Lorax. In addition to those films, you can catch Zac in The Lucky One, which hits theaters on April 20.

Also, believe it or not, Zac still has a sense of humor when it comes to his Disney days! When the mag asked how he would approach a beautiful woman, he replied, "'So do you like High School Musical?' I'm kidding! If the situation's right, buy someone a drink. Think on your toes, use what's around you, and come up with something organic and fun."

We love that he gave such an honest answer!

Do you think Zac should have gone to college? Or are you glad that he kicked off his acting career? Sound off in the comments!

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  • MJ

    He should have gone to college. I love Zac and respect him a lot and the fact that he regrets not going to college is making me respect him even more. But if he had gone to college before he started his long string of various movies, my respect would have proliferated to no bounds. But either way, I love him. He's the most gorgeous guy I've ever laid eyes upon with the most beautiful personality and most likely will be at that.

  • danielleakame

    i dont get why that is a regret...not like he is 80 and about to die. he is in his early 20's? maybe a real regret is when he dropped a condom outside the Lorax premiere lol

  • JustCommenting

    no, I want to keep seeing his beautiful face on screen!

  • Minnie

    There`s nothing that can stop him from doing it now or even in ten years time if he wants to!

  • na

    its never too late to study..Now he can start his new life as a student!!!!!!!!

  • Sheri He
    Sheri He

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