Brittny Gastineau: My OK! Magazine Cover Shoot (PHOTOS)

I am so pleased with how my OK! Magazine Mexico cover and pictures came out and excited to show you all!!!!!

The shoot was high fashion thanks to my styling team Isabelle Banham and Ali Dariotis who put me in the newest Missoni and the hottest Giseppe Zanotti heels. Lisa, my mom, brought out all the newest Tres Glam jewels for me to add some sparkle to this cover.

Tell me what you think at @brittgastineau and dont forget to pick up the article on newsstands now. xox



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  • daisey

    Her boobs are ridiculous

  • Flora

    Realmente no me qustaria ya que luis miuegl es un hombre muy mujeriego el no tiene respecto hacia las mujeres hoy esta con una y maf1ana esta con otra tampoco es buen pape1

  • CJ

    She was on a reality show with her mom about 10 years ago. She also attempted modeling. I thought she was really pretty on the show, albeit super bitchy, no personality, stuck up. Now she looks like she's gained a lot of weight and her face looks sour and hard. What happened to her? I loved her mom on the show she was great. The Gastineau Girls it was called...

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    Why is this bitch in OK Magazine she's not famous for anything she's a socialite not a celebrity. Same group as the Hiltons La La Vasquez Anna Christina Radziwell ect. while someone like Sophie Dahl is a celebrity she's a model /actress Author & Television host in England though she was born famous the granddaughter of beloved children's author Roald Dahl and Beloved academy award winning actress Patricia Neal right her mom is their oldest surviving daughter Chantal "Tessa" Sophia hence why her birthname was Sophia