Flashback Friday: Amanda Bynes Dressed As a Dude in ‘She’s the Man’ (VIDEO)

Amanda's DUI Mugshot
Amanda Bynes arrested for drinking & driving.
Channing's Hottest Roles
Channing Tatum sizzles on screen.
Let’s remember the good times with Amanda Bynes

The 26-year-old actress was popped for DUI after sideswiping a cop car early Friday morning (whoops!), which is a totally serious thing we should NOT be making fun of. So we won’t. Instead, we’ll have a laugh at one of Amanda’s greatest roles to date — playing a dude in She’s the Man!

In the first scene, viewers are also treated to a completely shirtless Channing Tatum, who stars as her alter-ego’s roommate. When confronted about a pack of tampons, she has to think on her feet to come up with an alternative use for the feminine product (’cause She’s the Man, get it?). While the plan works, it immediately marks her boy drag character as a dork. 

Below is another defining moment, when boy Amanda proves s/he has got it going on with the ladies. Not only are girls fawning over s/him, but a public breakup ensues that draws cheers from the crowd. Suddenly the other guys think s/he’s pretty cool!