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On Thursday, Celebuzz brought you an exclusive interview with the stars of Day of Our Lives where they dished to us about their fashion must-haves. Now, we're giving you a chance to win something right off the set of their stylish photo shoot!

One lucky reader will walk away with LUV AJ's Mesh Orbit Bib Necklace. As seen on Days' Molly Burnett, the impressive choker retails at $450 and features intricate golden chains with mesh-covered half domes.

Here’s how to enter to win:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us your favorite fashion accessory.

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This giveaway will close on Friday, April 13th at 9 AM EST.

Be sure to check out more of AJ LUV's collection on their Facebook and Twitter. Good luck and get commenting!




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  • yoNEED jewelry
    yoNEED jewelry

    naturally like your web-site but you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very troublesome to tell the reality on the other hand I'll surely come back again.

  • Lisa Aukstinaitis
    Lisa Aukstinaitis

    scarfs scarfs scarfs! I love them all! Easy to put on, goes with pretty much anything and just adds an extra bit of color or style when necessary! (@l_marille)

  • tenisha524


  • Bonnie Kraus
    Bonnie Kraus

    Summer is sandal statement time.

  • Jeanne Fairbanks Conner
    Jeanne Fairbanks Conner

    I love my diamond stud in my nose!!

  • wheat636

    My favorite accessory is a belt or sash. They can make a plain outfit stand out!

  • Victoria O'Brien
    Victoria O'Brien

    My favorite accessory to wear is my husbands Army ring he got for graduating basic. I wear it on a dog-tag chain since its too big. He gave it to me bc i never got to wear his high school ring because it was taken and lost.

  • taylor

    i just adore a statement necklace- just like this one! it's so beautiful! celebuzz-tbartik twitter-@taylorbartik facebook- taylor bartik thank you for the chance! i would LOVE to win!

  • Bonnie Kraus
    Bonnie Kraus

    Sandals!!!! Fancy, Studded, Plain, Heels, Flats. Tis the season!

  • Pam Goldman
    Pam Goldman

    A smile! No matter what else is going on, a smile will brighten your face, your llok, your day, and others is the best accessory.

  • Willa Sargent
    Willa Sargent


  • Willa Sargent
    Willa Sargent


  • marys2sweet85

    My favorite fashion accessory is my wedding ring :)

  • linds82

    My favorite fashion accessory are earrings! They add the right touch of style :)

  • Bonnie Kraus
    Bonnie Kraus

    Scarves. For every season.

  • Bonnie Kraus
    Bonnie Kraus

    My old fashioned broach collection. Beautiful

  • egood33

    My favorite fashion accessory is my pair of flower stud earrings!

  • Nicole Ordonez
    Nicole Ordonez

    I love earrings & necklaces! :D

  • chelyea

    My current favorite is a great pair of glasses. I don't wear sunglasses or contacts often, so a fun pair of prescription glasses is a must.

  • Meghan Malicoat
    Meghan Malicoat

    My favorite accessory is handbags. The right bag can make any outfit!!

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    my fav accessory is a turquoise bracelet that was my mother's.

  • Bonnie Kraus
    Bonnie Kraus

    Old fashioned cameos

  • traymona

    My favorite accessory is a great looking handbag.

  • Julie Baxter
    Julie Baxter

    my favorite fashion accessory are long dangly earrings!

  • bkat

    Nothing spruces up a simple outfit like a striking necklace!

  • Aly

    my favorite is a gold heart necklace that has an A in the middle. it was my grandmas :)

  • aly

    my favorite is a necklace that was my grandmas. its a gold heart with an A in the middle. both of our names started with an A

  • Janelle Pagana
    Janelle Pagana

    my favorite style is beachy and fun but comfortable

  • Erin O.
    Erin O.

    i'm a fan of huge, oversized bags. and my rayban wayfarers :)

  • Celeste Kautz
    Celeste Kautz

    I recently discovered scarves and started collecting a pile of them, I've always worn necklaces and the different scarves give me another element to add some color and fun to what I am wearing.

  • Bonnie Kraus
    Bonnie Kraus

    Always a scarf!

  • Michelle Fuller
    Michelle Fuller

    Favorite accessory is my choker necklaces and my voodoo bracelet.

  • Jodi Harrington
    Jodi Harrington

    My fav. accessory is a simple gold necklace that my mom left me with a few charms on it.

  • Frederick Young
    Frederick Young

    My favorite fashion accessory on a woman are hair clips.

  • Iae Hulthage
    Iae Hulthage

    My favorite fashion accessory is a sliver and leather bracelet!

  • Jessica Steffey
    Jessica Steffey

    fave accessory ? flowers real or not its an instant way to feel "girlie"

  • sohbuzzy

    I love my silver spiral earrings!!

  • ljb423

    A pair of simple stud earrings. They go perfectly with anything!

  • hpaulina

    Shoes are my favorite accessory!

  • Nadia Yah
    Nadia Yah

    i LOVE big necklaces!!!

  • missluckybreaks

    Fav fashion accessory is my sunnies! Gotta protect my eyes and keep the wrinkles away!

  • Brittany Fells
    Brittany Fells

    My favorite accessory is my sunglasses!!! <3 Them

  • Cindy Batchelor
    Cindy Batchelor

    I'm a sucker for shades like some cool aviators! Thanks for the fun contest! fb- cindy batchelor twitter @ladyboarder9669

  • ilovekardashians44

    My favorite fashion accessory would definitely be lots of necklaces! I always love looking at Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato's style and how they layer a ton of different necklaces together! So cute yet edgy! P.S. I already like you on Facebook and have been following you on Twitter. Good luck everyone!!

  • Amena Ullah
    Amena Ullah

    Amena Ullah Hi! My favorite accessory is my silver hoop earrings. They go with everything and most celebrities like Selena Gomez love them. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Amena Ullah
    Amena Ullah

    Hi! My favorite accessory is my silver hoop earrings. the go with everything and most celebrities like Selena Gomez love them. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Laura Royal
    Laura Royal

    My favorite fashion accessory is a beautiful ring that my mom gave me for my 21st birthday! I wear it everyday!

  • memommon

    My favorite is my wedding band, after that its necklaces. I'm a necklace addict and this one is beautiful. Love that Molly wore it, I'm also a huge Days fan. Been watching it for 40 years at least, I'm guessing. As long as I can remember anyway, watching it as a child with my Grandma! Peg~

  • Kimberlee Anne Wertens
    Kimberlee Anne Wertens

    My fav accessories are my blingy diamond earrings & Harvey's Seatbelt Bag purses

  • beeya8

    My favorite accessory is a colorful scarf.

  • Nora

    My favorite accessory is a beautiful smile with stunning lipstick.

  • Bj Roark
    Bj Roark

    Love DAYS and Molly

  • Mama-Nikki Vosburgh
    Mama-Nikki Vosburgh

    My jewelry is my ultimate fav! I adore my rings, earrings, necklaces, and more!

  • Lil'Baby McGee
    Lil'Baby McGee

    My pregnant belly is my favorite accessory!! :)

  • Vickie Ziel
    Vickie Ziel

    I love handbags and jewelry.....big part of my life!

  • adriana

    I love pieces that look like they've been passed down from generation to generation...antique looks are my favorites...this necklace fits that disription...beautiful...!!

  • Bonnie Kraus
    Bonnie Kraus

    My favorite fashion accessory is scarves. They can be worn so many ways and there are so many styles!

  • appu

    My favorite accessory is my chain cross body bag :)

  • Janice Johnston
    Janice Johnston

    I love purses in all different colors to brighten my day.

  • Kristina Barrera
    Kristina Barrera

    i’m a jewelery freak.

  • Natalie

    One of my most beloved accessories is a pair of round sunnies with rose colored lenses. I love wearing them because they literally allow me to view the world through rose colored glasses. On harsh winter days when I feel particularly down, wearing them allows me to make a conscious effort to stay optimistic and perceive everything in a pleasant light. I'm sure I appear quite silly to passers-by wearing my glasses on those snowy gray days! But the aged buildings and quadrangles on my college campus become an exceptional sight to behold even in the dreariest of circumstances because I am living la vie en rose!

  • Kristina Barrera
    Kristina Barrera

    I love wearing jewelry

  • Sandy Dimitrov
    Sandy Dimitrov

    My favorite fashion accessory has to be my scarf fav is my signature Deidre Hall Red Plaid it!

  • brinamarie77

    My earrings that my nana bought me! She's so cute and was so excited to give them to me that I smile whenever I wear them :)

  • danielleakame

    My favorite accessories are my necklaces! they change an outfit and can bring attention. (the good kind) you can have a simple outfit and BAM a necklace will spruce it up! xoxo

  • Din

    Rings and earrings.

  • Darcy

    My favorite accessory are necklaces. I love to have big bold necklaces. I love rings too.

  • Tish Collins
    Tish Collins

    My favorite fashion accessory is my necklace in memory of my daughter Ellie who was born too soon., It has her name engraved on the back.

  • Tracy Wooten
    Tracy Wooten

    I love my mothers ring that my boys gave me and big jewlery

  • babylikestorock

    My favorite accessory is my diamond and sapphire ring that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas.

  • Alana Victoria Stuart
    Alana Victoria Stuart

    Since I discovered LUV AJ, I've fallen in love with body chains! They completely transform a plain white vest for a casual look, or go great over a dress for a night out. A must have for every accessory lover! #iLUVAJ

  • Sandra Sewell
    Sandra Sewell

    my favorite accessory is all the jewelery. i'm a jewelery freak.

  • Pearl Royer
    Pearl Royer

    I would love a favorite accessory but do not have one. My husband lost my wedding ring back in 1997 and have not replaced it although we will be happy married for 25 years next month.

  • Kitty Farrar LaPlante
    Kitty Farrar LaPlante

    I like to wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets and sometimes rings.

  • katersteinberg

    I have a favorite fashion accessory tie for first place. My carved talon bracelet by Luv AJ which is perfectly rocker chic and my favorite ebay find-Burgundy patent leather laceup booties with gold detailing around the laces by Marc Jacobs. They are the perfect mix of preppy with a steampunk/vintage edge.

  • Allison Jester
    Allison Jester

    Hmm....favorite fashion boyfriend?

  • Joseph Mcchesney
    Joseph Mcchesney

    Sunglasses always!

  • Kt Grilli
    Kt Grilli

    My favorite accessory is my wedding ring and a locket necklace holding the pictures of my 3 wonderful little boys on one side and my husband and i on the other side.

  • Maria Desrosiers
    Maria Desrosiers

    My favorite fashion accessory is fancy head bands, they come in all kinds of designs and go with anything. Also they keep my hair out of my eyes and in place.



  • shurnjenkins

    My favorite fashion accessory is longggggggggg earrings! I like them not quite touching my shoulder and I don't like them too wide either. So long and skinny! Just like I like my men. Thanks so much for tha offer!!

  • Jeanne Hines Simon
    Jeanne Hines Simon

    My favorite fashion accessory is my wedding ring and Anniversary ring and all my other rings!!!

  • Barbara Zickus
    Barbara Zickus

    mine is a ring that is black onyx with a diamond chip in the middle of it. used to be my grandmothers. where it everyday

  • MaryAnn Szabo Schroeder
    MaryAnn Szabo Schroeder

    My favorite fashion accessory is my wedding ring :) I also love my diamond stud earrings.

  • amandalo06

    My favorite fashion accessory are my silver bangles. They look great with any of my dress up or casual outfits!

  • ambermiller86

    My favorite fashion accessory? My wedding ring! It shows that I am committed to someone, and the ring goes with any outfit :]

  • Tiffany Salvia
    Tiffany Salvia

    Shoes are my favorite fashion accessory they add a little to every outfit you put on. I love me some shoes!

  • jennyjazz

    Confidence is my fave fashion accessory! It goes with everything and if you feel beautiful in what you are wearing it doesnt matter what other people think. Its not always easy but worth the effort to think well of yourself : ) P.S. - Im a work in progress!

  • emorgan223

    my grandmothers ring. I wear it everyday

  • Diane Bassette
    Diane Bassette

    I love wearing changes is a great accessory to any outfit!

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    My favorite fashion accessory is my diamond eternity band. It's timeless and classic....and goes with everything!