Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart Selling $8.2 Million Brentwood Mansion

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Harrison Ford and his ladylove Calista Flockhart are moving up and moving on!

The A-list couple have listed their Brentwood, Calif., humble abode for $8.2 million. The gated property features a long private drive, gorgeous gardens and sweeping views of both Los Angeles and the ocean. The home boasts seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms with polished wood floors, paneled walls, extensive furniture grade built-ins -- and four impressive fireplaces.

According to The Real Estalker, the 69-year-old Indiana Jones star acquired the mansion in 1983 for $1 million. Ford and Flockhart, 47, have since added upgrades to the Colonial crib thanks to the actor's passion for wood-working.

Check out (a very young) Harrison showing off his own personal masterpieces in the gallery below:



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