‘If I Had a Crystal Ball… I Probably Wouldn’t Have Signed Up’: Jaleel White’s Response To Dancefloor Dramas (EXCLUSIVE)

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It has been an extremely emotional week for Dancing With the Stars contestant Jaleel White.

On Monday night, the man who played nerdy next door neighbor Steve Urkel in the hit series Family Matters broke down in tears — on camera — after his performance of the Rumba, which was inspired by the sitcom’s smooth alter-ego, Stefan Urquelle. White, 35, was also at the center of tabloid reports that he got into a heated tiff with partner Kym Johnson during practice, whilst his ex-girlfriend also made sensational claims of physical and verbal abuse.

Responding to the dance floor dramas in an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, White made a surprising concession: he wouldn’t have done the popular ABC show had he have known that he would be “pursued by the paparazzi.” 

“I probably wouldn’t have signed up for the show if I had been able to look into a crystal ball,” he said.

White added:

But, I tell you: I don’ t have any regrets about doing the show because I don’t know how the experience ends. Why would I regret anything when I don’t know the outcome? You go through ups and downs; you go through moments of personal frustration. Hopefully, at the end, you triumph.

“If I’m able to triumph in this particular situation, this will be one of the greatest experiences of my life — everything included,” he said.

According to one report, White stepped on Johnson’s foot during a recent rehearsal — and then yelled at her when he thought she overreacted to the pain it caused.

When asked about the incident, White — who scored 25 points from the judges this week for that Rumba — insisted: “My relationship is great with Kym, period.” 

She’s a fun woman to be around. She’s got some damn good choreography. The funny thing about Kym is, she doesn’t see me like the world sees me… She kind of compares me to the athletes that’s she’s worked with. She says I’m more like Hines Ward and Warren Sapp. I appreciate hearing that. I appreciate knowing that… being able to be grouped with those guys, I want to do as well as they did.

In the meantime, the former child star is facing some stiff competition from this season’s judges’ favorites Katherine Jenkins and William Levy, who both scored the first 10s of the series this week.

With next week featuring a rock theme, White said he and Johnson will perform the Tango.

“I’m gonna channel my inner-Mick Jagger,” he revealed. “I’m actually really jazzed about our song. We’re doing the Tango. I’m convinced it’s the hardest dance I’ve done yet, and [Kym] keeps telling me, ‘No, it’s not.'”

As for the transition from one of the toughest weeks of his career, a philosophical White said: “God lets us go to sleep and wake up the next day for a reason. [Laughs] It’s for a reason.”

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