Kerli Reacts to ‘Really Offensive’ Video Review (VIDEO)

Kerli: Don't H8!
Celebuzz goes behind the scenes of her shoot.
Electropop sensation Kerli isn’t shy about expressing herself, from her wild outfits to her thoughts on the success of her new song!

Her new video for “Zero Gravity” quickly gained over a million views, which she tells Celebuzz is only getting things started. “I want more!” she told us at the NewNowNext Awards.

As ever, her look was over the top — and we’re loving it!

“I read a really offensive review of my last music video and they said that I was a barbie doll from space on ecstasy,” and I was like; this is so perfect!” she says with a smile. “Every time people try to offend me, I’m like, this is really well [said]. I wouldn’t have put it that way, but this is awesome.”

Watch her new video below and see if you’d make the same fashion critique!

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