Kim Kardashian Should Expect a ‘Wild Ride’: Expert On Kim & Kanye’s Rumored Romance (EXCLUSIVE)

Kim & Kanye in Paris
Kim Kardashian attends Kanye West's fashion show.
It’s yet to be confirmed that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are an item, but between the song (Kanye raps that he “fell in love with Kim”) and the outings in NYC, the rumor mills are working overtime. 

So are they a good match? Celebuzz asked psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Michelle Golland to give her professional opinion on this possible romantic duo … and she’s not too thrilled about the idea.

“In looking at Kanye’s dating history, it seems he is looking for a woman who is willing to go along on a pretty wild ride.” Dr. Golland explains.

She adds that she doesn’t think he will find a “solid relationship” with Kim, saying of the 36-year-old rapper, “Kanye seems to be looking for distractions in his love life.”

As for whether Kanye is a good rebound for Kim after her split from Kris Humphries, Dr. Golland isn’t so sure, citing that this 31-year-old self-made woman needs a “strong man,” and she doesn’t think the rapper is going to be that man, but she does think his rap song helped. “For their relationship, [the song] could ignite further passion.”

The “Theraflu” lyrics could catapult the two’s relationship to the next level, but was it right for Kanye to put it all out there? “Kanye is an artist and his music comes from his life and his experiences. I have no problem that he raps about his personal life.”

Check out Kim’s comments on her rumored romance with Kanye below on the TODAY show: