Gary Ross Not Officially Out as 'Catching Fire' Director: Source


Breathe (a little) easier Hunger Games fans!

While many have expressed their devastation at the news that director Gary Ross would not be returning to direct The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, a source close to the situation tells Celebuzz that "nothing is official."

After some lengthy negotiations, many are citing Gary's film-making eye to be the main reason he would consider not coming back, not money.

Gary has directed a number of varying projects from Pleasantville to Seabiscuit, and the website The Playlist is reporting that the director's "burning desire simply isn't there to spend another couple of years with Katniss in the Capitol."

We're rooting for Gary to come back, as Catching Fire just wouldn't be the same without him! As President Snow says, "the only thing greater than fear is hope," and we are definitely hoping Gary will return. (Reminder, the extra President Snow scenes that steal the movie were written by Gary himself!)

Do you want Gary to direct the next sequel, or would you like to see someone else take a shot? Sound off in the comments!

Liam, Josh & Gary!
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  • Jinny

    Thumbs up! 'Cause it made me mad when Gary Ross give up so many scenes!

  • Lauren

    As long as whoever comes in collaborates with Suzanne Collins and stays true to the story wouldn't mind getting a new one. Especially if it's someone who gets all the small but special moments missed in the first that made us love the book.

  • Sarah Merrills
    Sarah Merrills

    Gary can't leave! :'( WE LOAF HIM! <3

  • Miranda

    I HOPE HE COMES BACK!!! Nobody gets the story like Gary does!!